LTA will enforce stricter rules for cyclists from 2022 onwards

Starting the new year with safer cycling habits.

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Published: 21 October 2021, 2:14 PM

Starting Jan 1, 2022, new rules and guidelines will be implemented for cyclists riding on roads.

In a Facebook post shared yesterday (Oct 20), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced that cycling groups must not exceed the maximum length of five bicycles. 

Different groups of cyclists should maintain a distance of 30m, or two lamp posts, between each other. 

Composition fines will be increased to $150 for cyclists riding on expressways, road tunnels and riding side by side on single lane roads.


Under the new regulations, five cyclists can ride in a single file, and 10 can ride in two rows of five. PHOTO CREDITS: FACEBOOK/LAND TRANSPORT AUTHORITY


Cyclists are also reminded to abide by the existing rules such as keeping to the left on roads. Cyclists shouldn’t be riding side by side on single lane roads and during bus operation hours on bus lanes.

Vehicles on the road also have to ensure a 1.5m distance when passing cyclists. 

“These new rules and guidelines will improve road safety for all users, especially as more people take up cycling for commute and leisure,” LTA said.

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