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Logitech G to release new G502 X gaming mouse with Lightforce hybrid technology

The new gaming mouse is a reinvented version of the previous G502 model.

Muhd Zahin Ilmi

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Published: 31 August 2022, 5:30 PM

Logitech G has reinvented its G502 gaming mouse and is set to release the new version – the G502 X – on Sep 20.

The G502 X gaming mouse was announced on Thursday (Aug 30), and will come in three variations – the standard G502 X, G502 X Lightspeed, and G503 X Plus. They are said to be equipped with “advanced gaming technologies”.

All three variations will carry the newly-introduced Lightforce hybrid optical-mechanical switches, which are said to offer “faster speed, performance, good reliability over the lifespan of the mouse” and “precise actuation with crisp response”.

The G502 X is also equipped with the Hero 25k high-precision gaming sensor, which offers a one-to-one ratio accuracy at “sub-micron levels” and “zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration.”


The sensor, combined with the Lightforce hybrid, will feature response times 68 per cent faster than the previous generation of G502 gaming mice. PHOTO CREDIT: LOGITECH G


The Lightspeed’s wireless protocol also allows for connectivity between two Lightspeed devices to one receiver using the Device Pairing Tool in G Hub. 

Users can choose to operate G502 X with the same receiver as the Logitech G915, G915 TKL, or G715 keyboards.


The G502 X Plus and Lightspeed are also compatible with Logitech G’s Powerplay wireless charging mats. PHOTO CREDIT: LOGITECH G


The G502 X Plus model comes with Lightsync RGB which features flowing, customisable 8-LED lighting which adapts as the user plays. It also has startup and power-down effects, and battery optimization through active play detection.

Both the G502 X and G502 X Plus are available in black and white colourways locally, while the G502 X Lightspeed will only be available in black.

The Logitech G502 X and G502 X Plus gaming mice are slated to release at Logitech official stores on e-commerce platforms, as well as in all major retailers from Sep 20 onwards.

The suggested retail prices are $119 and $249 for the G502 X and G502 X Plus respectively.

The Logitech G502 X Lightspeed, however, will only be available exclusively at Logitech Official Stores on e-commerce platforms only, with a suggested retail price of S$209.

More information on the specificities of the new mice can be found on Logitech’s website.

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