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Local play on ‘rhinoceros epidemic’ to explore theme of conformism, held May 4-7

After the 6 shows at Waterloo Street’s Black Box, the play will travel to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Chloe Tham

Published: 11 April 2023, 5:36 PM

Can you picture Singapore being taken over by rhinoceroses? That is a scenario that will be explored by the upcoming play Do Rhinos Feel Their Horns?.

Staged by local theatre group Gangguan from May 4 to 7, the play is inspired by Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros which challenges the notion of conformism.

Audiences can expect to see a different take on the French classic, as this version is about conformism despite “living through what is objectively the best time in human history”.

Singaporean actors Shannen Tan and Melbourne Fringe award-winning Cheryl Ho will perform in the play. It is directed by Adeeb Fazah and produced by Lim Shien Hian.

The play sees two friends hosting a radio show episode together, which covers the topic of a “rhinoceros epidemic” that occurred in the 1980s. Audiences can also expect to hear a variety of foley and audio effects that add an interesting element to the play.


Actors Cheryl Ho (left) and Shannen Tan (right) rehearsing for Do Rhinos Feel Their Horns?. PHOTO CREDIT: LIM SHIEN HIAN


Do Rhinos Feel Their Horns? is Gangguan’s second production. The production house’s critically acclaimed first play was about climate policy and distrust of Greta Thunberg, called The Change, which was staged at Cairnhill Arts Centre in 2022.

Gangguan is a joint partnership between Singaporean playwright Edward Eng, with various artists, actors and designers.

After the production’s Singapore run, it is set to be staged at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from Aug 15 to 27. The venue will be announced at a later date.

The production’s Straits Times Life Awards-nominated sound artist, Vick Low, shared that the staging at Fringe will hopefully support future exchanges and international collaborations. 

The show will see six runs at 42 Waterloo Street Black Box. The duration of each run is 60 minutes long. Tickets, starting from $31.58, are available for purchase at Eventbrite.

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