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Local handcrafted earrings that are sure to turn heads

Head out in style with these bold handmade earrings that are made in Singapore!

Low Jia Ying
Low Jia Ying

Published: 24 July 2020, 1:23 PM

Before you head out to meet your friends, why not try adding some interesting touches to your outfit?

Here are seven local online shops that sell handmade earrings from materials like clay, resin, and even crochet:

1. Shop Zobo

These earrings may be the cutest things you’ve laid your eyes on.

Shop Zobo sells handmade crochet earrings in all kinds of whimsical designs. Think cookies, carrots, and even curry puffs.

Get your hands on these strawberry earrings ($20).


Sunny side up earrings, anyone? ($15)


Send them a direct message on Instagram to place your orders.

2. Madefromklei

Madefromklei was started by two friends who sell handcrafted polymer clay earrings.

Their earrings are intricately designed and unique.

Also, 25 per cent of their profits for July will go to the Singapore Children’s Society.


These earrings from their Peak Collection depict the scenic views of the Peak District in the United Kingdom ($8.90-$16.90) PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/MADEFROMKLEI


Their Wild Waves collection was inspired by the creators’ own struggles they faced with the shop ($5.90-$16.90). PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/MADEFROMKLEI


Visit their website to place your orders.

3. Whoaa Store

This shop is sure to make you go “whoa”.

You wouldn’t believe the things they have managed to turn into earrings: Zi Char takeaway packets, the Animal Crossing cartridge sleeve, and even green bean soup.


Put on Mr and Mrs Dabao ($12.90) the next time you go downstairs to get your favourite cai fan (economic rice). PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/WHOAASTORE


You can now commemorate all the time you’ve spent playing Animal Crossing during the circuit breaker with these earrings ($13.90). PHOTO CREDIT: WHOAASTORE


Visit their website to place your orders.

4. Sunday in July

Need that perfect pair of floral earrings to complete your outfit?

Sunday in July sells handcrafted polymer clay earrings in the most beautiful intricate floral designs.

They also sell hair clips and pins!


Their 15th Collection features earrings in a lovely pastel blue colour ($8-$18)


Their Floral Collection 2.0 features small flowers and bees ($15-$20).


Send them a direct message on Instagram to place your orders.

5. Clinkclankclay

Clinkclankclay makes dainty resin and clay earrings, and each pair is meticulously handmade!

They launch new collections every Friday, so there’s always something new to look out for.


Their Seashell Galore collection is perfect for your next beach day ($11-$13.90).


Their Quartz Field collection features tiny yellow accent flowers, perfect for that subtle finishing touch to your outfit ($13.90-$15.90).


Visit their website to place your orders.

6. Impulse Links

Channel your inner e-girl with these affordable earrings from Impulse Links.

Their shop features both metallic pieces for an edgier look, or plastic pieces for a quirkier aesthetic.


Celebrate the true angel you are with these cherub hoops ($7.50).


Their Hot Pink Barbie earrings are sure to be a conversation-starter ($5).


Send them a direct message on Instagram to place your orders.

7. Arkful

Arkful’s earrings are a true show-stopper.

Each collection is inspired by a story and no two pieces are exactly alike!


The earrings from MING Contemporary collection are made from porcelain and blue rattan accents ($16-$60). PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/ARKFUL


Get ready to be asked “Where’d you get those?” when you put on these earrings from their Rattan collection ($38) PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/ARKFUL


Visit their website to place your orders.

It’s time to swap out your simple studs and hoops for these handmade earrings!

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