Local chocolate brand Kakkow launches new bonbon flavours curated by ex Masterchef winner Derek Cheong

Kakkow’s latest selection of bonbons features four new flavours.

Ernest Cheng

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Published: 19 August 2022, 3:13 PM

Local bonbon chocolate brand Kakkow has introduced a new selection of offbeat bonbon flavors.

A quirky homophone of ‘cacao’, the core ingredient in chocolates, Kakkow is founded by Masterchef Singapore season two winner Derek Cheong. 

Launched in June this year, Kakkow offers unique flavours of bonbons, which are small chocolate confections filled with varying toppings and ingredients.

Each Kakkow box features six curated flavors, which change on a seasonal basis. The chocolates are handcrafted in small batches in a central kitchen, with each being hand-painted with a spectrum of colours that represent its flavour and taste profile.

Kakkow’s latest selection of bonbons features four new seasonal flavours.

Its Corn and Truffle flavour is an interesting combination that pairs the sweetness of the corn and the aroma of truffles, topped off with a ganache (glaze) crafted from Hokkaido corn-infused cream and freshly grated black winter truffles.

The Cep and Walnut flavour offers a classic dark chocolate flavour, complemented by the earthy and woody flavours of the cep mushroom. It is paired with a nutty cep cream and roasted walnut caramel glaze.

Then there are unconventional flavours like the Miso and Genmaicha (Japanese green tea with roasted rice) flavoured bonbons, paired with a genmaicha-infused ganache, and the Burnt Vanilla and Cookies flavour, a take on the classic cookies and cream featuring crunchy cookie textures along with burnt vanilla cream and cookie ganache.

Alongside those, popular flavours like Pistachio and Lime as well as Yuzu and Calamansi will also return from Kakkow’s inaugural launch.

Apart from its retail arm, Kakkow also offers bespoke creations, corporate gifts, bulk orders as well as events and pop-ups. Customers can customise the flavours and designs of bonbons to fit the theme of their occasions or corporate event. All specially curated designs and flavours will be subject to a minimum order quantity.

Each Kakkow box has a shelf life of two weeks in refrigerated storage. It retails for $24 on their website and it is available for store pick-up and delivery. Islandwide delivery will cost a flat fee of $10 islandwide, with free delivery available only for orders above $80.

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