Livestream concerts and performances by your favourite Mandopop artists to watch at home

A round-up of new and upcoming performances by Mandopop artists JJ Lin, Jay Chou and more.

Winny Wint Htae

Published: 21 April 2020, 6:48 PM

We’ve seen a couple of online concerts and live streams over the past weeks by artists all over the world such as Lady Gaga and BTS. Now, a handful of Mandopop stars are joining in the fun too!

If you’re a Mandopop fan, check out these online livestreams and concerts shared by JJ Lin, Eric Chou, Jay Chou and more!

1. Celebrate JJ Lin's birthday with his livestream concert

JJ Lin performing at his livestream concert, 327 Love Wishes.

Taiwan-based Singaporean Mandopop star JJ Lin held a virtual concert on Mar 27 to celebrate his 39th birthday.

He performed some of his hit songs such as ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Stay With You’ during the one-hour concert, which featured fellow Mandopop singers Mayday and Tanya Chua.

The singer expressed that he wished to use music as a way to bring everyone together and deliver a message of love and hope.

Celebrate JJ Lin's 39th birthday by watching his livestream concert. 

2. Join Jay Chou in his COVID-19 relief concert

Jay Chou performing at his Carnival concert in Shenzhen last November. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@JAYCHOU

Freegos Entertainment, China’s largest talent agency, has been working with KVLY, a Korean-Chinese joint media platform, to organise an online fundraising concert to aid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The concert, We Are The World 2020, is set to feature some of the biggest names in the K-pop and Mandopop industry. Taiwanese Mandopop star Jay Chou, one of the confirmed performers for the concert, will be headlining the Chinese lineup alongside Cantopop singer Jacky Cheung.

While the Korean line-up is not confirmed yet, Kpop star G-Dragon from BIGBANG is “expected to be taking part“.

We Are The World 2020 will be livestreamed on YouTube and Chinese media platforms on Apr 30.

3. Catch a replay of StellaVee's debut showcase

StellaVee performing at their showcase in Nov 2019. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@STELLAVEE_

Past performances at the Esplanade will be available for viewing on its official website as part of Esplanade’s online concert series, The Show Goes On…line.

The series include Singapore-based Mandopop duo StellaVee’s debut showcase, Say Whaaat?, at the Annexe Studio in Nov 2019.

The duo’s performance features their rendition of songs like ‘Cyber Beast’ and ‘Tears From The Sky’ from Singaporean web drama, Wonder Kiss.

Recap StellaVee's debut showcase here.

4. Watch Eric Chou perform on YouTube Music Night

Eric Chou performing on YouTube Music Night. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@ERICCHOU0622

Taiwanese Mandopop artist Eric Chou is known for singing hit ballads such as ‘How Have You Been’ and ‘The Distance Of Love’.

The singer recently participated in YouTube Music Night, a series of online performances organised by YouTube. He performed some of his biggest hits like ‘What’s Wrong’ and ‘Me and You’ during the hour-long concert.

Watch Eric Chou's performances here.

Mandopop fans who have been waiting to see your favourite singers in concert, keep yourself entertained with these online concerts instead and stay safe at home!

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