Live sports and performances among upcoming changes to COVID-19 safety measures

Unfortunately, the cap for social gatherings still remains at eight.

Jeremy Na

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Published: 25 March 2021, 2:25 PM

If you’re a fan of the roaring crowds at football fields or screaming fans at concerts, then the past year or so may have felt dry or uneventful.

Thankfully, these activities can now resume, albeit not at full capacity.

With many restrictions set to relax in the month of April, here are some to look forward to.

More employees can return to working in the office

If you’re sick of working from home and would like to get back into the office, then you’re in luck.

From Apr 5 onwards, up to 75 per cent of employees can be at the workplace at any one time, up from 50 per cent. 

Additionally, split-team arrangements and the restriction on how long a worker spends at the workplace will also be lifted.

However, it’s important to note that while social and recreational gatherings such as team bonding events can now be held, it is still limited to no more than eight people.

With this new arrangement, working from home will no longer have to be the default working mode.

Increased capacity for activities with pre-event COVID-19 testing

From 24 Apr onwards, many activities will now be allowed to continue with more people in attendance, provided all attendees have undergone pre-event COVID-19 testing.

Pre-event testing is not required for marriage solemnisations if there are fewer than 100 attendees. For larger solemnisations without receptions, only the bride and groom will have to undergo testing. For wedding receptions of over 100 guests, all unvaccinated attendees will also have to be tested.

The maximum number of attendees is also now up to 250 attendees for marriage solemnisations, in zones of up to 50 each. This number does not include the licensed solemniser and vendors.


From 24 Apr onwards, individuals who have completed the full vaccination course will be exempt from pre-event testing. PHOTO CREDIT: NATALIYA VEITKEVITCH VIA PEXEL


Live performances and sports events will also be allowed to have up to 750 seated spectators with pre-event testing, or 250 without.

Testing exemptions for vaccinated individuals

People who have been fully vaccinated and have had time to develop sufficient protection will be exempted from pre-event testing.

This would be two weeks after an individual receives the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

These changes are applicable from Apr 24 onwards.

More people allowed to attend wakes and funerals

The number of people allowed to attend wakes and funerals at any one time will be raised from 30 to 50 on the day of the burial or cremation.

However, the limit for other days of the wake remains at 30. No pre-event testing is required for wakes and funerals.

While there have been many relaxations in COVID-19 safety measures, we should remember not to take them for granted by practising social distancing and wearing your masks.

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