Less wet weather expected for the rest of December

No more sweater weather for the rest of the year.

Charlotte Chang

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Published: 17 December 2021, 11:10 AM

Unlike the first half of December, less wet weather can be expected for the rest of the month, and subsequently the rest of the year, announced the Meteorological Service Singapore on Dec 16.

December is usually associated with wet weather. However, as the upcoming Northeast Monsoon conditions are forecasted to be generally weak with fewer windy days than the first half of the month, less wet weather is expected.

However, though it may be less rainy than usual, short afternoon thundery showers can still be expected on most days. On some of these days, the showers may extend into the evening.

In the first few days of the next two weeks, the passage of Sumatra squalls may bring widespread rain with occasional gusty winds between the pre-dawn hours and morning.

Overall, the rainfall for December is expected to be below average across the island.

For the rest of the month, the daily temperature is expected to range between 24 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees Celsius on most days, with highs of 34 degrees Celsius on some days. 

On a few rainy days, the temperature may drop to 22 to 23 degrees Celsius.

Updates of the daily weather forecast can be found on the MSS website, the NEA website, or the myENV app.

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