Less rainfall expected for first half of September

Daily maximum temperatures are forecast to range between 33 and 34 degrees Celsius on most days.

Farhana Subuhan

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Published: 31 August 2023, 11:33 AM

The rainfall for the first fortnight of September is likely to be below average over most parts of Singapore, the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) reported on Wednesday (Aug 30).

The first fortnight is also predicted to be generally warm, with daily maximum temperatures ranging between 33 and 34 degrees Celsius on most days.

The first week of September is anticipated to have fair and windy conditions due to the prevalence of a dry air mass over Singapore and its neighboring regions.

Short-duration thundery showers can also be expected between the late morning and afternoon over parts of the island on some days, especially in the second week of the month. There may also be widespread thundery showers and gusty winds in Singapore on one to two mornings.

There could be several warm nights, when the prevailing winds blow from the southeast or south, carrying warm and humid air from the sea. On these nights, temperatures may remain above 28 degrees Celsius, especially in the eastern and southern coastal parts of the island.

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