Largest dog run in Singapore’s East opens at East Coast Park

Along with a bird perch beside it, they will enhance pet-friendly amenities at the park.

Phoon Jia Hui

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Published: 22 November 2020, 5:57 PM

Dog owners living in the East will now have another spot to bring their pets to. 

A new dog run was opened by the National Parks Board (NParks) at East Coast Park on Nov 22. 

Located at Parkland Green in East Coast Park, the 0.2ha dog run is the largest of its kind in the east of Singapore. It allows dogs to roam freely. 

In comparison, similar dog run facilities in the east at Katong Park and Lengkok Enam Interim Park are 0.1ha in size. 

The newest dog run is easily accessible to park visitors via an underpass, while there is also a carpark nearby.

Fitness trainer Ria Chen, who lives in Bedok, was one of those who visited the dog run on its opening day and expressed her delight at the new facility. 

“We would at most bring our puppy to the beach, so this is actually a refreshing change in terms of environment,” said the 25-year-old.

“It’s really cool that they have an area cordoned off here for my pet to run about because I’m still not confident to have her running around in open spaces. The places we go to are typically smaller so it’s nice that this dog run is so big!” 

Ria (right) with her pet at the dog run. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA.SG/PHOON JIA HUI


Another dog owner who only wanted to be known as Shane, shared the same sentiments. 

“I would say this is one of the few places that are dog-friendly, with open areas where you can sit down and relax after the dog is done playing,” said the 24-year-old student. 

“Everywhere else we go, our dog has to be on a leash and there is a shortage of dog-friendly establishments.

“For sure, I hope to see more places like this opening in Singapore. At the same time, I hope with that, comes education of dog owners and people, teaching them how to coexist together. It’s not just an environment factor, but people as well.” 

How the dog run looks like from the outside. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA.SG/PHOON JIA HUI

New bird perch

The new bird perch will enhance pet-friendly amenities at East Coast Park. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA.SG/PHOON JIA HUI


In addition, a bird perch made of upcycled wood was unveiled right next to the dog run and provides bird owners with a space to showcase their trained birds. 

Both the dog run and bird perch were designed in consultation with dog enthusiast Susan Tan and Bird Craze, a bird owner community. 

With the diverse stakeholders at East Coast Park, director of Parks at NParks Mr Tan Jun Chao acknowledged that it was a ‘careful’ process as to how these facilities were designed.

“If you notice, the fence (of the dog run) is slightly lower because we want visitors to come and still be able to enjoy the view of the sea,” he added. 

To allow the community to play an active role in park management, a new Friends of East Coast Park Community (FoECP) was also formed on the same day. 

An initiative to promote the responsible use of green space in Singapore, the FoECP comprises representatives from the community in the area.  

 Members of the public who are keen to find out more about FoECP may click here.

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