Largest BTO project in Tengah to be offered in May exercise; 3,000 flats for sale

According to HDB, the projects, Parc Meadow @ Tengah and Plantation Verge, will have waiting times of just over three and three-and-a-half years respectively.

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Published: 29 May 2023, 1:31 PM

The largest Build-To-Order (BTO) project in Tengah will offer some 3,000 flats in the May sales exercise starting on May 30.

The project, which includes the development of Parc Meadow @ Tengah and Plantation Verge, will provide more than half of the estimated 5,500 flats to be offered for the launch.

Parc Meadow @ Tengah, the larger of the two projects, comprises almost 2,000 units, making it the largest project in Tengah town to date.

With a waiting time of just over three years, the project also has the shortest waiting time among the flats to be launched.

The other project, Plantation Verge, will comprise about 970 units and have a waiting time of three-and-a-half years.

Together, the two projects will offer a wide selection of flats, ranging from two-room Flexi to five-room flats, with a third of the flats being five-room flats. 

Parc Meadow @ Tengah, which is located in Park District, will feature shops, an eating house, a minimart, a residents’ network centre and childcare centre.


Future residents can also look forward to nearby green and blue spaces, such as the future Central Park, Forest Stream, Garden Farmway, green links, rain gardens and skyrise greenery. PHOTO CREDIT: HOUSING & DEVELOPMENT BOARD


The Plantation Verge project is located within Plantation District, which is planned to be the home of community farming.


The project is next to the Forest Fringe – which features a 15 to 20-metre-wide landscaped trail. PHOTO CREDIT: HOUSING & DEVELOPMENT BOARD


Residents of Plantation Verge will also have access to amenities, including a childcare centre within the project and other amenities in the neighbourhood centres and the Bukit Batok Town Centre nearby.

All Tengah residents can enjoy other amenities planned for the town, including a park, car-free Town Centre, Neighbourhood Centre, Community Club, the Jurong Region Line MRT stations and a bus interchange located along Tengah Boulevard.

Apart from existing primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in the vicinity of Tengah town, new schools will also be built within the town. 

This includes Anglo Chinese School (Primary), which will be situated within 1km of Parc Meadow @ Tengah when it relocates to the town in 2030.

Including these two projects, more than 21,000 BTO flats across 20 projects would have been offered in Tengah since the launch of the first BTO project in 2018.

This makes up 70 per cent of the approximate 30,000 flats planned for Tengah town.

Despite construction delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 70 per cent of the Tengah projects currently under construction have a waiting time of four years or less. 

These include about 6,200 Shorter Waiting Time (SWT) flats where the waiting time at launch is less than three years.

The new flats launched by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) in Tengah are part of HDB’s broader efforts to ramp up its building programme to meet the housing needs of Singaporeans. 

According to HDB, it is on track to offer up to 23,000 new flats in 2023 and is prepared to launch 100,000 new flats from 2021 to 2025.

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