KFC to launch new Cheesy Zinger Meltz on Sep 7

An a la carte Cheesy Zinger Meltz will cost $6.60 while a meal will be priced at $8.20.

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Published: 2 September 2022, 7:03 PM

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) will officially launch its latest cheesy creation – the Cheesy Zinger Meltz – on Sep 7.

KFC first teased its fans with an “accidental” social media post on Thursday (Sep 1) which revealed the product, drawing many eyeballs before deleting it just five minutes later.

The fried chicken chain finally confirmed the new menu item on Sep 2 through a press release.

The Cheesy Zinger Meltz encompasses all of KFC’s “signature flavours” in a single mouthful. It consists of chopped pieces of Zinger fillet, crunchy nacho chips, KFC cheese sauce, shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese, stuffed in a toasted tortilla wrap.


The Cheesy Zinger Meltz contains a variety of flavours and textures. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ERNEST CHENG


Youthopia was given a sneak peek of how the Cheesy Zinger Meltz gets assembled. We also got an early taste of the exclusive menu item.

On the first bite there was an audible and satisfying crunch thanks to the nacho chips. The nacho chips also added a good texture to the wrap.

The tomatoes helped balance out the flavours of the wrap, while providing some moisture so it would not be too dry.


However, as the wrap is rather large, it may get a little overwhelming midway through. Photo credit: YOUTHOPIA/ERNEST CHENG


There was a generous serving of Zinger fillet, diced into bite-sized chunks. The juicy pieces were satisfyingly crispy and well complemented by the saltiness and tanginess from the cheese sauce. The fillet also provided a slight spicy kick.

An a la carte Cheesy Zinger Meltz will cost $6.60, while the Cheesy Zinger Meltz Meal consisting of one medium fries and one regular Coke Zero Sugar will cost $8.20.

Also available is the Cheesy Zinger Meltz Box which will come with one Cheesy Zinger Meltz, one piece of chicken, one regular whipped potato, one regular fries and one regular Coke Zero Sugar at $9.95.


You can consider opting for the Cheesy Zinger Meltz Box and Buddy meals if you are bringing a friend along. PHOTO CREDIT: KFC SINGAPORE


Customers can also purchase the Cheesy Zinger Meltz Buddy meal which will cost $19.45. It will come with one Cheesy Zinger Meltz, three pieces of chicken, six pieces of nuggets, two regular whipped potatoes and two regular Coke Zero Sugar.

The item will be available at all KFC outlets islandwide, except for Singapore Zoo and Singapore Polytechnic.

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