KFC Singapore turns burger suggested on TikTok into actual ‘Zhng’ Zinger Burger

The upgraded Zinger burger, suggested by TikTok personality Zaki Hussain, will be available from Oct 21 at all KFC outlets except the Singapore Zoo.

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Published: 20 October 2022, 6:15 PM

KFC Singapore is adding a new Zhng Zinger Burger onto its menu on Oct 21 for a limited time. 

The new burger stemmed from an idea by TikTok personality Zaki Hussain, who shared in a video on how he would elevate the Classic Zinger Burger by adding a few additional ingredients.

Coining his creation the “Zaki Burger”, the video quickly sparked a trend on TikTok as local content creators attempted to recreate his burger, while KFC fans brought the idea up to KFC Singapore who incorporated the idea into their menu.

Zhng, which means upgrade in Hokkien, suggests the Zhng Zinger Burger is an upgraded version of Zaki’s Burger.

The Zhng Zinger is made with KFC’s new smoky white BBQ sauce, fiery red-hot sauce, signature Hot and Crispy Zinger fillet, sliced cheddar cheese, sweet pickles and fried onion rings sandwiched between oat bran buns.


Onion rings are available as an add-on for $2.95, while ordering it a la carte will cost $4.15. PHOTO CREDIT: KFC


Those looking to get the Zhng Zinger Burger can get it a la carte, in a meal, box or in a buddy meal. 

The Zhng Zinger Burger cost $7.80 a la carte, while a Zhng Zinger Meal – containing the burger, medium fries and a regular Coke Zero Sugar – costs $9.15. 

The Zhng Zinger Box, which comes with an added one-piece chicken and whipped potato on top of the medium fries and regular drink, costs $11.25. 

The Zhng Buddy Meal, which costs $20.95, comes with two pieces of chicken, six pieces of nuggets, two medium whipped potatoes and two regular drinks. 

A Zhng Zinger Meal contains the burger, medium fries and a regular Coke Zero Sugar, and the Zhng Zinger Box has an added one piece chicken and whipped potato on top of what the Meal includes.

The burger is available via delivery or at all KFC outlets, except for the Singapore Zoo. 

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