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Jay Chou, Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix turn up the heat at the Singapore Grand Prix

F1 wasn't the only thing stopping traffic last weekend at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Andrea Choo

Published: 17 September 2018, 12:00 AM

The Singapore Grand Prix isn’t always about watching fast cars and witnessing Lewis Hamilton lapping up yet another win at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

It is also the place to catch heart-stopping performances from some of the biggest names in the music industry. Here are some of the entertainment highlights from the F1 weekend.

Jay Chou 

What’s a better way to kick-start the weekend races than partying the night away with Mandopop king Jay Chou?

Opening the show with one of his old hits from 2007, ‘双节棍Nunchunks’, the 39-year-old pop sensation wasted no time to entertain the 60,000-strong audience at the Padang on Friday (Sept 14).


Despite the heat, Jay Chou gave us a solid performance last Friday night.
Photo credit: Jireh Burton


As if the fans were not already pumped up, Jay Chou even came down the stage to shake their hands, sending many into a wild frenzy.

Throughout the concert, it was obvious that age has noticeably caught up with the father of a baby girl. Despite having to take multiple breaks, Jay Chou still delivered a solid performance filled with a mix of his old and new songs.


It is not a Jay Chou concert if it doesn’t feature his funky piano playing (pictured), or his bad attempts at speaking English. But we still love you, Jay Chou!
Photo credit: Jireh Burton


As his 120-minute performance came to an end, Jay Chou and his team closed the concert with one of his most popular hits ‘阳光宅男 Sunshine Nerd’, ending the night beautifully on a high.

Dua Lipa 

Joining the list of headlining acts on Sunday (Sept 16) was British pop songstress, Dua Lipa. The 23-year-old kick-started her performance for the 60,000-strong crowd with her chart-topping hit, ‘Blow Your Mind’.

Sweeping us off our feet with her powerful and sultry voice, the young talent amped up her performance with her dynamic moves that looked like a combination of martial arts and contemporary dance.


The ‘One Kiss’ singer decked out in a chequered outfit to celebrate the Grand Prix.
Photo credit: Aaron Kai


Decked in a chequered cropped top and baby blue palazzo pants, we could not help but notice her amazing physique – she had abs for days – as she danced the night away.

As if it wasn’t hot enough at the Padang, the ‘Blow Your Mind’ singer brought the heat up higher with ‘Hotter than Hell’ and ‘Scared To Be Lonely’. But it wasn’t till ‘One Kiss’ that the crowd started to go into overdrive, with people screaming along to the summertime collaboration with Calvin Harris.

Just as we thought her performance was over, the screen flashed a disclaimer about the ‘explicit’ content we were about to witness in the next song, ‘IDGAF’.


Dua Lipa jumped back on stage to perform ‘IDGAF’.
Photo credit: Aaron Kai


As the song reached its chorus, Dua Lipa raised her brows and gave a playful smirk as she sang the words: ‘Boy I don’t give a …*smirk*’. Well, we do have ‘pristine’ censorship laws in place here.

Ending her 45-minute performance with her most iconic hit yet, the young singer is definitely setting ‘New Rules’ for live performances – and how flawless, immovable bobs should be done.

Martin Garrix 

Getting a one-man act to wrap up the last night of the F1 weekend might seem like a stretch, but the 22-year-old American DJ definitely proved us wrong last Sunday (16 Sept).


Martin Garrix’s set featured amazing visuals, lighting, fireworks, and confetti.
Photo credit: Aaron Kai


The dashing DJ showed off his finesse behind his deck as he revived the night with hits like ‘Byte’, ‘Animals’ and ‘Virus’ as confetti, fireworks and sick lights strobed the Padang.

We have all heard his famous tunes like ‘Ocean’ and ‘Scared to be Lonely’, but nothing came close to what we felt at the scene!

Just as we were ‘Scared to be Lonely’, Dua Lipa jumped right back on the stage to join the talented DJ.


Martin Garrix (left) and Dua Lipa (right) shared an intimate moment as they hugged during the chorus of their chart-topping song.
Photo credit: Aaron Kai


As the amazing visuals and lighting by Gabe Fraboni (the man-in-charge of Martin Garrix’s stage visuals) filled the night sky, the Dutch DJ stood up on his deck to join the crowd as they swayed their arms along to ‘Gold Skies’.

Seemingly overwhelmed by the high energy of the crowd, Martin buried his face in his palms and shook his head in disbelief before throwing a kiss to the crowd.


The Dutch DJ stood up on his deck to thank the 60,000-strong crowd.
Photo credit: Aaron Kai


Garrix’s nostalgic tunes got the crowd bopping hard and screaming with fervour as though they were shaking off the impending thought of work on Monday. We could not have asked for a better end to the three-night weekend fiesta.

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