Japanese design team DEVILROBOTS to showcase pop culture character To-Fu Oyako at anniversary exhibit

The ART OF DEVILROBOTS exhibition showcases seven mural and art prints of To-Fu Oyako which are comical imitations of world-famous paintings like The Scream.

Benjamin Chew

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Published: 25 November 2022, 5:51 PM

Iconic Japanese pop-culture character To-Fu Oyako will star at the DEVILROBOTS 25th anniversary exhibition.

The exhibition will be held at art toy collectible gallery BLAXK by ActionCity from Nov 26 to Feb 5, 2023.

Created by renowned Japanese design team DEVILROBOTS, To-Fu Oyako is well known for its unique worried expression and big square head. The character has been featured in collaborations with global brands such as GongCha. 

In Jan 2021, the character’s 25th birthday was celebrated by ActionCity through a collaboration with global bubble tea chain GongCha, which saw the release of a new Pandan To-Fu Pudding drink, Boba Jelly topping and the My Firsto-Fu bubble tea vinyl figures.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of DEVILROBOTS this year, the ART OF DEVILROBOTS will showcase one original drawing named DR 25th ANNIVERSARY, three 10-inch Merlion To-Fu Oyako vinyl figures each in a different colour, and the reboot of the classic To-Fu Oyako 400 per cent Kubrick set.

The exhibition will also display over 40 artworks which include original hand-drawn sketches by DEVILROBOTS art director Shinichiro Kitai.

Though the sketches are not for sale, collectors will have the chance to purchase one of 25 hand-painted DEVILROBOTS paintings which pay tribute to characters like To-Fu Oyako, evirob and BOXY.

A total of seven MURART (Mural and Art) prints with 25 pieces each will also be present at the exhibition. The MURART prints include the popular spoof series of To-Fu Oyako, which comically imitates world-famous paintings like The Scream and Girl with a Pearl Earring.


MURART uses specialised paper from the material of traditional Japanese walls so that the art print looks like it was directly drawn on the wall. PHOTO CREDIT: BLAXK BY ACTIONCITY


Apart from the art showcase, the exhibition will also display a special series of DEVILROBOTS art toys and vinyl figures.

For instance, a limited number of event-exclusive To-Fu Oyako and evirob soft vinyl figures casted in black marble will be launched at the exhibition.

Visitors can also find the Artist Custom Colours series personally designed by Shinichiro Kitai at the exhibition. The collection of five-inch evirob vinyl figures are available in five different combinations of colours and 30 pieces for each combination.

In conjunction with the upcoming Year of the Rabbit, DEVILROBOTS will also release a limited number of five-inch vinyl figures of Rabbit Kaiju character MIMILA in two exclusive 25th anniversary colours.

Those looking to collect older figurines can find a large collection of other collectibles available, including the vintage original To-Fu Oyako 100 per cent Kubrick Figure that dates back to 2002.

The ART OF DEVILROBOTS exhibition will be open to the public from Nov 26, 2022 to Feb 5, 2023 at BLAXK by ActionCity. The space is located at #01-03 Funan Mall, 107 North Bridge Road.

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