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Jasmine Sokko: The electronic music enigma shattering glass ceilings

Jasmine is now based in both Singapore and China.

Amanda Tan

Published: 6 March 2023, 12:02 PM

This story is part of Youthopia’s International Women’s Day series. We spotlight women who are excelling in their respective fields.

A true artist never settles; they constantly challenge themselves, pushing the boundaries of their craft with each creation.

One shining example of such an individual is 27-year-old local electronic producer-singer Jasmine Sokko. 

While the petite songstress is best known for her hit title TIRED, she shares she felt restrained by corporate pressures that oftentimes necessitated remakes of the song.

She says: “When one embarks upon an unconventional career such as being an artist in a highly structured society, it is difficult to forge your own journey, as there is no definitive strategy to realising your aspirations.”

Instead of hitting a plateau, she broke free from those constraints, redefining her artistry in ways she never thought possible.

“…I desired to tell a story and express my standpoint, which was the main impetus for me to commence making music in the first place,” says the masked singer.

For Jasmine, music is more than just a product; it’s a vehicle for self-expression and storytelling. Through her innovative approach, she is revolutionising the industry, daring to take risks and soar to greater heights.

In fact, her belief is further cemented by her mask-wearing, which she used to view as a tactic to shift the audience’s attention to her music.

However, she now views the mask as an extension of her personality, whether it be introverted or eccentric, and is part of the story she is telling through her music, creating not just songs, but an entire experience.


Jasmine first debuted in 2016 with hit single 1057, which went on to place first on the Top 50 Viral chart that year. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@JASMINESOKKO


She recently released a single titled Winter, which she describes as “a means of processing (her) thoughts and emotions” whilst undergoing a period of transition. It symbolises the closure of a past chapter and the commencement of a new one, as she discovers unexplored realms of her creative vision.

Her upcoming music and visuals, set to be released in the later half of the year, will mark a drastic departure from her previous work.

The Singaporean artist herself admits to feeling apprehensive about the change, stating: “The succeeding series of songs sound nothing like what I have ever done before.”

Nevertheless, she feels an overwhelming sense of liberation, adding that the new tracks feel more genuine, pure, and emancipated than what she’d been producing in the past few years.

She affirms: “What used to be effective for me before would not be conducive for my future and I am now prepared to progress.”


Sokko, which means “blind” in Finnish, was a forecast to her masked-persona when she first started out. PHOTO CREDIT: XIAOYI DAI


Jasmine’s emotional maturity and self-assurance have been hard-won, as she weathered doubt and considered taking a more structured route before ultimately forging her own path to success.

“My journey as a musician has been tumultuous but has allowed me to explore my emotional capacity to great depths… I have grown accustomed to the unpredictability of this path I have chosen… this open-endedness I’m both nervous and excited about.”

Additionally, as a woman in a male-dominated industry, she’s had her fair share of challenges. 

When she first started out, she recalls her credit as a producer being often overlooked due to her gender. 

“There were multiple incidents that would not have occurred had I been a man, such as male executives assuming I was being hostile when I was merely expressive about what I wanted, or male executives disregarding my evidence-based critique of their unprofessional employee as being irrational.”

However, Jasmine has since emerged stronger, growing to be cognisant that such behaviours “more aptly reflect the perpetrators’ close-mindedness than anything else”. 

“I have learned to compartmentalise their actions, set clear boundaries, and preserve my own mental space.

“Now, I am much more conscious of the people to whom I choose to expose myself (to). Therefore, always select individuals who are willing to sincerely empower you, so that you can tackle more significant concerns pertinent to your craft that are truly deserving of your attention,” advises Jasmine.

Her spontaneous decision to appear on Chinese electronic music talent reality show Rave Now in 2018 was also borne from the desire to showcase her skills as a producer, something she shared in an interview with FEMALE

She was on a flight to Stockholm, Sweden for her school exchange programme when she received an email from one of the show directors. They’d sent her a plane ticket and hotel details. And so just 16 hours upon touching down, she flew to China with a ‘let’s do it and adapt along the way’ mentality. She has never looked back since.

Despite the initial whirlwind of events, such as struggling to converse fluently in Mandarin, Jasmine persevered and eventually emerged fourth in the finals.


Jasmine was the only Singaporean – and the only woman – among the programme’s Top 15 contestants. PHOTO CREDIT: STAR MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT


Those years she spent living abroad has also proven to be an invaluable experience, as it encouraged her to explore and understand different cultures. While it was challenging to constantly be outside of her comfort zone, it taught her how to quickly adapt to unfamiliar situations. It’s also shifted her perspective on topics such as happiness and the purpose of life.

Furthermore, it has enabled her music to evolve and develop, as she’s “constantly questioning her art and identity”.

“While it is important to remain aware of the relevant market, it is essential not to compromise my creative integrity,” she asserts.

Now, Jasmine travels between China and Singapore, straddling both international and local markets.

She exclaims: “This is the kind of life I’ve always wanted as a kid — the digital nomad, never having a base, and I don’t see any other way of living for now!”

Her time in the international market has also shown her a new experience of connecting with listeners, whereby through music platforms like Netease and QQmusic, she’s able to view the heartening comments and feedback by fans.

“The comment section is always filled with very rich, well-thought-out content about how the audiences could relate to the music. I really enjoy receiving this kind of feedback where I am able to steal a glimpse of my audiences’ lives.”


Jasmine shares that she has an extensive taste in music and doesn’t limit herself to genres. She specifically appreciates music that defies genres. PHOTO CREDIT: JAYDEN TAN


Jasmine remembers her younger self as “an average student”. However, what set her apart from her peers was her passion for music.

She says: “(I) knew I would regret it if I did not do my best to pursue it, despite all the discouragement I received. It was then that I realised how feelings can be encapsulated into a melodic experience for those far away. I was inspired by the notion of such a noble mission.”

Having never attended a music school, she had to self-educate herself in areas such as song production, composition, marketing, and more, to uncover her own formula. This has made her aware that the learning process is ever-evolving.

Till today, she studies exhaustively, reads books and watches films. Some titles that she’s been inspired by include 2001: Space Odyssey, Ghost in a Shell and Alita

Jasmine also partakes in experiences which she believes will help in propelling the song to the next level.

“The best advice I ever received regarding songwriting and production was to live life to the fullest. One must experience something they feel strongly about in order to communicate a powerful message or convey an emotion through their music. Much of my work is influenced by my experiences,” adds Jasmine.

One instance was sometime around 2018, when she first started out in the industry. She recalls heading to “tons of work events” which often left her feeling drained.

Frustrated, she recorded a short voice memo: “Lately I just feel so tired, not because of my sleep. I don’t like nobody and nobody likes me.” It later came out in the chorus of her “then-favourite” track, TIRED.

“I feel my next body of work is an amalgamation of all these experiences I am currently soaking up.”

As Jasmine moves forward and embarks on the next chapter in her career, she shares that while it is challenging to balance uncertainty and faith during the creative process, she keeps in mind the importance of having plenty of fun.

“I am relishing the process of reinventing and reconstructing Jasmine Sokko at present, and I anticipate conveying a novel point of view in the music and art I will produce in the upcoming years.

“…I aspire to exhibit my support for worthwhile causes, such as the education of all types, the advancement of arts and culture in Asia, and women’s empowerment.”

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