Italian contemporary art exhibition to make international debut in Singapore on Feb 7

The free exhibition will feature works that document the history of art in Italy.

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Published: 27 January 2023, 6:13 PM

The Grand Italian Vision: The Farnesina Collection will make its first international stop in Singapore from Feb 7 to 25.

Organised by the National Arts Council in partnership with the Italian Embassy in Singapore, the exhibition will feature some of the most important artworks in the Farnesina Collection.

Originally housed in the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Rome, the Farnesina Collection was created to document the history of Italian contemporary art. The collection features various styles present during different time periods, including Futurism and Metaphysical Art.

Among the works that will be on display is Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, a futuristic bronze sculpture by sculptor Umberto Boccioni which has been displayed in many museums across the globe. 

It is seen as an expression of fluidity and movement, reflecting the sentiment of the Futurist movement, which strives to portray speed and forceful dynamism in art.


This sculpture was created by Umberto Boccioni, one of the key figures of the Futurist movement. PHOTO CREDIT: EMBASSY OF ITALY SINGAPORE


Another sculpture that will be displayed is L’etrusco, a gilded bronze statue by Michelangelo Pistoletto. It was recast from the renowned Etruscan statue, The Orator, which was originally meant to resemble Etrusco-Roman senator Aule Metele. 

The statue is placed in front of a large mirror, which also reflects the Etruscan culture’s mirror-making expertise.

These sculptures, along with most of the other works, will be on display at The Arts House Singapore, with selected pieces displayed at the Embassy of Italy in Singapore.

Admission to both venues is free, but visitors must register before visiting the displays at the Embassy of Italy to enjoy free admission.

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