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ISETAN’s Momiji Matsuri Fair to return at NEX; Japanese heritage brands set to debut

Brands in the fair also include Nakayama Shokuhin, Ijima Shoten and nonomo.

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Published: 13 October 2022, 6:33 PM

The ISETAN Momiji Matsuri Fair will return after a two-year hiatus at NEX Atrium Level 1 from Oct 18 to 30.

Shoppers can indulge in several yatai (food cart) delicacies, sweet treats and premium fresh produce from 25 renowned Japanese brands.

Japanese Heritage Brands including Kurikoma Chaya, TOKIO and KINOKUNIYA are set to be included for the first time at this year’s fair.

Kurikoma Chaya is known for its traditional sweets that incorporate a mix of colourful fruits and trendy elements. Its Fruit Mochi Cake combines specialty red bean paste and fresh seasonal fruits with mascarpone cream. Five sticks will be priced at $25.

For those who prefer something easy to eat on-the-go, TOKIO has a Banana Crepe consisting of whipped cream and banana, and comes individually packed at $3 per piece.

The sweet Japanese crepes from the 57-year-old fruit parlour will be sold with various fillings and toppings such as seasonal fruits. TOKIO will also offer the Fruit Almond Pudding and Fruit Jello, available in mixed fruits and strawberry versions.

KINOKUNIYA’s signature American-style Apple Pie will be priced at $24.90. A bestseller since 1959, the Apple Pie features Japanese apples with a hint of cinnamon, and a pie crust with a crisp texture. 

The Apple pie can be enjoyed by warming it up in the toaster and served with toppings such as vanilla ice cream, fruit or whipped cream.


(From left to right) Kurikoma Chaya’s Fruit Mochi Cake, TOKIO’s Banana Crepe and KINOKUNIYA’s Apple Pie. PHOTO CREDIT: NEX


Besides the debuting brands, the yatai fare will also feature brands such as Nakayama Shokuhin, Ijima Shoten and Tekiya. 

Nakayama Shokuhin will carry the Takoyaki, a grilled octopus balls made of wheat flour-based batter and filled with diced octopus from Hakata, Kyushu. Topped with takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, green laver and dried bonito flakes, it is priced at $8 for a packet of six pieces.

Seafood options from Ijima Shoten include octopus, scallops, squid and shellfish. The seafood from Kumamoto is served in both braised and deep-fried style and is priced at $8.80 for 100g braised, and $7.80 per 100g deep-fried.


Nakayama Shoukuhin’s Takoyaki (left) and Ijima Shoten’s braised seafood (right). PHOTO CREDIT: NEX


Visitors can enjoy classic Japanese comfort foods from Tekiya such as Omurice and beef skewers. The Omurice, a fried rice flavoured with ketchup and topped with a thin layer of fluffy omelette, is priced at $13.80 per serving. The beef skewers are priced at $13.


Tekiya’s Omurice (left) and beef skewers (right). PHOTO CREDIT: NEX


The fair will also feature premium Japanese specialty produce, from brands including Nonomo and Takazawa Jozo.

Local produce brought in by nonomo from all over Japan include region-specific agricultural produce, novel sweets and snacks and sake from lesser-known manufacturers. This includes the 157 year-old Dewatsuru sake brewery. The Dewatsuru Junmai Sake Cup in 180ml is available in assorted designs and can be re-used as drinking glasses. Each will be priced at $13.90.

Takazawa Jozo will bring in the Shio Koji Miso, a Salty Fermented Rice Miso seasoning for various cuisines. It consists of Koshihikari rice and water from Noto with traditional manufacturing methods. It is priced at $30 per 450g.


Nonomo’s Dewatsuru Junmai Sake Cup (left) and Takazawa Jozo’s Shio Koji Miso (right). PHOTO CREDIT: NEX


More information and updates for ISETAN’s Momiji Matsuri Fair and its vendors can be found on NEX’s website and Facebook.

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