International SOS launches podcast for youths with tips on safe, independent travel

Multiple studies indicate that youths are more likely to take risks while travelling and endanger themselves.

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Published: 16 May 2023, 3:34 PM

Health and security service firm International SOS has launched a podcast series to help youths travel in a safe manner.

This is in response to several studies that found youths are more likely to endanger themselves by taking more risks while travelling.

Titled Safeguarding Tomorrow’s Future, the six-episodes series will be released weekly, covering different aspects of travel safety.

The first episode about saving money while staying safe during travels was released on Monday (May 15), discussing economy options for travel accommodation and transportation.

The following episodes will discuss health and safety risks of natural disasters and extreme weather, as well as how to protect yourself in crowded environments.

There will also be episodes covering the medical and security risks of substance ingestion, mental wellness while abroad and the potential dangers of online and offline sharing of personal details and itinerary.

Local university students who have recently gone on overseas trips are also featured in the podcast, sharing more about their travel experiences.

“By getting the youths to highlight their own experiences and concerns over six different topics, it allows the subject matter experts to address real risks based on the youths’ authentic experiences,” said regional security manager of International SOS, Bala Selvam.

The podcast is now available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and International SOS’ website.

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