Instagram launches new Security Checkup feature to help users keep accounts protected

The new feature guides users through reviewing profile information and confirming other accounts that share login information.

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Published: 14 July 2021, 12:31 PM

Instagram has launched a new Security Checkup feature on Tuesday (Jul 13) to help users keep their accounts protected.

With the new feature, Instagram users whose accounts may have been hacked previously will receive a guide with the necessary steps to secure their accounts. 

The feature guides users through security steps such as monitoring login activity, reviewing profile information, confirming other accounts that share login information, and updating account recovery contact details.


Upon logging in, a prompt will appear asking if users would like to run a security check. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM


In addition to Security Checkup, Instagram also encourages its users to secure their accounts by enabling two-factor authentication, updating their email and phone number, and reporting accounts that seem suspicious.

In the coming weeks, Instagram will implement two-factor authentication for WhatsApp users in selected countries. Alternatively, users can also enable two-factor authentication using their phone numbers, or an authenticator app like Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator.


Two-factor authentication provides users an added layer of security instead of just relying on their passwords. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM


When users enable two-factor authentication on Instagram, they will receive a notification if someone attempts to log in from a device or browser they do not recognise.

Moreover, Instagram has also noticed a rise in accounts pretending to be the app and sending direct messages to obtain sensitive information like passwords.

Instagram has confirmed that it will only send emails via the ‘Emails from Instagram’ tab if it wishes to contact users regarding their accounts. Users can check if an email is authentic by looking at the ‘Emails from Instagram’ tab in their settings.

The app has also stated that it has made significant updates to the Support Box. Users can find out the latest information about what’s happening with their reports or if any of their posts are violating Instagram’s policies by checking the Support Inbox.

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