Increased risk of hazy conditions in Singapore due to Indonesia hotspots: NEA

51 hotspots have been detected in Sumatra over the weekend.

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Published: 4 September 2023, 2:16 PM

There is a risk of hazy conditions arriving in Singapore, as a result of dry weather and increased hotspot activity in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) reported that a total of 51 hotspots – 28 from Saturday (Sep 2) and 23 from Sunday – were detected on the island, with most located in southern Sumatra. Some even produced smoke plumes, although these are “still some distance away from Singapore” and have not drifted over as a result of “prevailing winds blowing from the southeast”.

NEA said that the prevailing dry weather is expected to continue over southern and central Sumatra. 

“This may escalate the hotspot and smoke haze situation there and lead to a risk of hazy conditions affecting Singapore,” it added. 

According to NEA’s 24h PSI readings at 11am on Monday, Singapore’s air quality is in the Good to Moderate range from 43 to 71. NEA said it is monitoring the situation closely. 

This is not the first time that Singapore has been warned of an increased risk of haze this year. An earlier report done by The Meteorological Service Singapore in May said that this is the result of prolonged warm and dry weather from June to October.

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