Inaugural charity walk by St. Andrew’s Autism Centre to be held in October; funds to support persons with autism

Participants will receive a T-shirt, event goodie bag, and an event medal.

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Published: 19 September 2023, 6:20 PM

In an effort to raise awareness as well as funds for persons with autism, St. Andrew’s Autism Centre (SAAC) will hold a charity walk on Oct 14 from 4 pm to 7 pm at St. Andrew’s Junior College.

The event, titled Walk of a Lifetime, will see participants walk for a total of 5km. Sign ups are not limited to SAAC’s clients, residents and students. Members of the public can also participate. 

SAAC aims to raise at least $50,000 through admissions, which will go towards the programmes organised at its various facilities to support individuals with autism, as well as their families.  

The Walk will commemorate SAAC’s 18th anniversary. SAAC began offering its services in 2005, but its first permanent home was opened in 2011 by SR Nathan, Singapore’s sixth President.

SAAC hopes that persons with autism, who “may struggle with sensory challenges and… get anxious when out in unfamiliar environments”, will have a space at the walk to safely interact with others, be included, and put their skills learnt at SAAC’s various programmes into practice.

The facilities that SAAC runs include a school for students with autism, two Day Activity Centres (DACs), and one Adult Home.

Its DACs aim to equip individuals with autism with the skills to seek employment and improve their quality of life through its Dignity of Work (DOW) vocational training programmes and pre-vocational tasks. 


The Dignity of Work training programme includes training in urban farming, packing, and laundry. PHOTO CREDIT: ST. ANDREW’S AUTISM CENTRE


Its Adult Home provides housing for adults with autism who require long-term residential services.

In addition to supporting SAAC’s programmes and endeavours through the cost of admissions, participants can also support them through attending the booth activities, where they will experience a “family-friendly carnival atmosphere”. 

Among these activities are the distribution of childhood snacks, the sale of items handmade by persons with autism, and the opportunity to play informational games that will teach participants about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

There will also be a competition to award the title of Best Dressed, according to the theme of “Blue is Love”.

Admission to the walk is free for children below five years old. All participants above the age of five will receive an event goodie bag and an event medal.

Those interested to participate may register through the website.

SAAC also encourages those who wish to raise awareness to create their own fundraising pages on its website, or share about the event on social media.

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