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Youth Action Challenge (YAC) is a platform for youth to provide solutions that tackle the issues we are concerned about. Since October 2021, over 80 teams and more than 310 youths have undertaken the YAC Season 3 journey.

Ian Go, 18, is currently a student at Victoria Junior College and a member of Wage Warriors, a project that he, together with a group of friends, initiated in YAC Season 3 to raise awareness on the Progressive Wage Model.

Today, he shares more about his role in the YAC and what the Wage Warriors are hoping to achieve!

What was your role within your YAC project?

The main task at hand for me was the website development, as well as the aesthetics of the website. I had to ideate and check the functionality of the website – ensuring that it was friendly for people of all ages. Besides that, I think all of us played a role in encouraging one another as a team and a group of friends, and really pushed through even with our hectic schedule in school.

What motivated you to join YAC?

Honestly, it was my classmates who had asked me to join YAC together with them. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have known about YAC. Seeing the impact and the determination everyone had motivated me to continue in this YAC journey.

Can you share with us your experience with your YAC project?

I think overall, my experience was quite a positive one. Meeting up and discussing our solutions and topics were quite fun for me. Needless to say, it was quite fulfilling, especially after we presented during the open pitch session and got to share our project with others.

What are some challenges you faced while working on your YAC project?

I think the main challenge was deciding on a topic that was suited to our group. We had to change topics that we targeted at the start as we really had no idea how to tackle some of them.

Could you share more on how your project has a positive impact?

We hope that through our project, more lower wage workers can easily upskill and rise up the wage ladder with the proper knowledge on how to do so, with the new easy to access and manoeuvre website that we created.

Were there any key takeaways or learning points from your time with YAC?

Not all of us are as fortunate in society and we should lend a helping hand to those in need whenever we have the opportunity to do so.

This article was published on Apr 27, 2022

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