Photo credit: AUNDRAJ JUDE


Hi! My name is Aundraj Jude, I’m also known by the moniker Assthrowknot, and  I’m a Visual Artist whose work revolves around 3D, AR & Creative Direction.

Although I  graduated with a degree in Computer Science, I never felt happy while I was learning, so I told myself that I’d take 6 months off before joining a company to try achieving my goal of being an Artist. I created using my sister’s hand-me-down laptop, shot videos with my old phone, and with that started to build my own small portfolio. I managed to get an opportunity as an Offline Editor at a  production house, but I always felt like editing was more of a tool to express my Art, rather than a fixed job. In my free time, I started experimenting on my own and picked up skills such as VFX, 3D and AR, which not only enhanced my ability as a creator, but also gave me the ability to tell better stories as an Artist and break out of the box.



Today, I’m a freelancer, and I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with brands  such as Adobe, Snapchat, Adidas, Burberry and countless others. More than  that, I’ve been able to weave my artistic impression into these collaborations,  helping me grow everyday as an Artist.

A lot of what I do is in hopes to inspire younger artists, who aren’t sure if it’s the right step, or if this is a field that is sustainable. To that, I always say if you keep your head down, block out all the noise and just keep moving forward in creating, anything’s possible.

“Beneath this mask there is more than flesh Mr Creedy. Beneath this mask there is an idea. And ideas are bulletproof.”

– V (V for Vendetta)

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