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Hello! I’m Yi Ting from Fresh off the Dot, a campaign that champions local produce and farmers in Singapore. Our team started this project in hopes of shining light on the benefits of our homegrown produce and in turn, encourage families to include more local produce in their grocery runs.

As we gained more understanding of the local produce scene and the agriculture industry, what started as a final-year project became a campaign that all four of us felt deeply passionate about.

As a content strategist, one of my main duties is to create social media content for our Instagram and Facebook platforms. We hope to share educational and meaningful content on all of our platforms.

My role as a content strategist for Fresh off the Dot focuses on using social media to shed more awareness on local produce and shine a spotlight on our farmers! We got to meet many farmers across Singapore and hear their stories. Now, we want to bring their stories to everybody.

Together with my fellow content strategist, Nicole, we start the process by first planning the content and the message we want to send across with each post. Then, we proceed to source for the information we need to create attention-grabbing, yet easy to digest visuals. Finally, we go through a vetting process with the group before sharing it on our socials!




This was during the seeding of press kits to a total of 23 key opinion leaders and media outlets, where we were kindly hosted by GardenAsia. Since we started Fresh off the Dot, we’ve done many things, such as in-depth interviews with farmers, volunteering at a farmer’s market, video filming for content, seeding of local produce packs to influencers and a pop-up event at Open Farm Community. Many of these entailed long hours and challenges especially with no prior experience, but this made every effort all the more meaningful!




Behind the scenes action at the filming of Fresh off the Dot’s Christmas recipes with local produce!




I’ve had the privilege of meeting Minister Chan Chun Sing while volunteering at the KCA Farmers’ Market held at Science Centre back in December 2021. The journey has been an unforgettable one — it’s really great to see how our skills in communications can be a driver for change and how we’ve all learnt so much in these few months in terms of soft skills as well as our understanding of the local produce landscape. Beyond our campaign, I really hope that there’ll be more appreciation for our homegrown produce and farmers in the near future!

This article was published on Mar 18, 2022

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