Hi, I’m Raveena and I’m 23 this year! I started my Curvygirlwears journey three years ago in hopes of inspiring others and spreading body positivity around!

Curvygirlwears was created to help others in their own journeys of self-love and body positivity. In a digitally advanced world, the number of online trolls have increased and so has online bullying. The quotes I have picked out and have personally curated were done in a way to help shed light, even in the darkest of times




I encourage my followers to step out of their comfort zones and constantly push myself to do the same. Some brands are slowly becoming more inclusive and when I was approached by local businesses like XVXII by Vidhi and Bodsitive to model for them, I was more than excited to collaborate with them. I received many hateful comments after posting my photos online, but this has only made me more eager to prove the online trolls wrong and truly live my best life.




Having experienced years of bullying from a young age, I can only hope to spread positivity and create a safe space for my followers. Curvygirlwears is about bringing hope and encouraging self-love in a time of body shaming and unrealistic beauty standards.




Curvygirlwears has given me so many amazing opportunities and has introduced me to many inspiring individuals who are also doing their best to make a difference in this world. Curvygirlwears is a safe space for those in search of advice, a sounding board or even just looking for inspiration and motivation. I want to encourage everyone to live their best life and be the best version of themselves.

This article was published on Mar 17, 2022

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