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Hi! I am Ka Min and I’m 27 this year!

Back in 2021, I juggled a number of responsibilities in my life. That included: my  full-time work, part-time masters, wedding preparations and a beautiful new house, amid the tumultuous times with COVID-19. I was working so hard, mentally, physically and psychologically. Deep down, I realized that I am more than my work and responsibilities. I craved for more growth. I started dabbling in designing, content creation and curation. All the time spent being in the busyness of life inspired me to embark on a bilingual self-care reminder project @decipheringk starting in March 2021.


I started this project with the aim to encourage and remind myself to keep going during tough times and overcome challenges ahead. Since then, the account has grown from one follower to more than 400 followers; I have also received many messages from friends and strangers that I have made a difference in their lives. There’s always something out there which reflects their mood and emotions.


Mental well-being is important. It’s OKAY not to be okay at times. I see this bilingual project as my way of giving back to the community, to use words as a source of inspiration, love, reminders and reflections, as well as to rejuvenate lives. Life is a journey of learning new things every day and there’s always something to work on and be better at.

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“Life moves towards the direction our mind aims it in. A goal activates our minds and bodies; it stimulates wisdom and energy from within.” – Daisaku Ikeda

This article was published on Mar 7, 2022

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