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Hello everyone! My name is Khidir and I am turning 30 this year! I am the founder and managing director of Insyncsg, a music education company that aims to demystify the magic of music for everyone regardless of their musical background.

I believe in providing customised and bespoke music programmes that align with modern learning objectives. It is equally important for me to be relevant and connected to the music industry in Singapore, while building bridges that connect students and participants with industry experts and practitioners.




Insyncsg is led by myself as well as my co-founder and CEO Redwan Hamzah. Together, we set out to spread our brand of music education to all. We offer recreational music lessons, corporate team building programmes and co-curricular activities (CCAs). We also organise monthly giveback sessions for the public.




We held public and community events called Insync Gives Back. This was a free event where anyone could sign up and participate in one of our flagship programmes called “Let’s Jam Lah!”. In groups of no more than eight people, we saw strangers become friends as they played together in a band for the first time, without any musical background.




We’ve also brought our approach for music education to the corporate sector. Our highly interactive and innovative team building programmes focus on building and practicing active collaboration, fostering creative problem solving skills as each individual finds their voice in a musical team.

This article was published on Mar 7, 2022

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