Photo credit: YING CUI


Hey! I’m Ying Cui, or you can call me Pris! I’m a 26-year-old hair and makeup artist based in Singapore. I’ve spent the last eight years of my life dedicated to honing my skills and working with various clients from all around the world to broaden my knowledge and perspective of the beauty industry. I am also the founder of AASTRALBEAUTY.

While my job doesn’t give me the chance to do a lot of charity work, I do work with non-profit organisations such as Hagar Singapore in my own time.

Everyone deserves to feel great about themselves, and so, I strive to make my clients feel that way with the work that I do. Our society follows very strict beauty standards that condemn those who don’t fit in, but just because it’s unconventional doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful. From brides to models, to special needs children and everyday people, beauty comes in all forms, and I would like to bring forth that vision.

I plan to keep moving forward in this industry and hope to eventually build a team of like-minded individuals. A team would make it easier for me to be in more places at once, and maybe even allow me to take on more jobs for causes such as women’s health and underprivileged children.

This article was published on Mar 5, 2022

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