Photo credit: DAWN YEO


Hey everyone! I’m Dawn Yeo and I’m turning 26 this year! I have a strong passion for animals and I’m a strong advocate for animal welfare! I’ve started quite a few things over the past few years, such as my small animal grooming service specialising in rabbits called D.Fluff Lounge!


I also run a non-profit rescue group called Bunny Binkies Club  – where we help to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome rabbits! Most recently, I’ve started The Moon Bunny where we offer other rabbit related services such as boarding, sale of products and workshops!


Some of these workshops teach people how to properly care for a bunny, how to handle them and how to provide them with the best life possible! It all started because we simply wanted to create a space where people could be educated and be equipped with knowledge for the journey of rabbit ownership they’re about to embark on!


I strongly believe that as people, we should try our best to treat animals well and that whenever we see there is a need to help or give support, we should be quick to act. This does not just apply to animals, but even to those around us!

This article was published on Mar 5, 2022

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