Hi! I am Eunice Hannah Lim and I’ll be 30 this year! My artworks vary from painting, drawing, community and street art. As a visual artist, I am constantly inspired by documented narratives and how we navigate through constructed everyday spaces (Eg. Buildings, the streets, a specific area/location). My works involve using various materials based on these narratives shared from the community, to compose new experiences and hopefully to ignite an interest in these stories.

I have large public art murals on the streets of Little India based on my conversations with the community. My art practice treasures these engagements as it fuels the artworks’ research. Another aspect of community art that is important to me is to enjoy the process together. I would ask for volunteers and conduct workshops to grow and discover perspectives from another person (a young child, an adult, an elderly). I find these moments precious as it is an exchange of my skill sets to teach them, but it is also for me to see and learn things from another viewpoint.

My desire is to not only to grow my own craft as an artist, but also share my experiences and opportunities with fellow young artists to kick start their creative career. I believe that being a successful artist also means playing a part to support other creatives in their unique craft and capabilities. At times, I collaborate with younger emerging artists as a platform to learn from each other, hoping that as they become established artists, they would do the same for the next generation of young emerging artists.

“Art reveals the power of the intuitive, capturing the reality hiding beneath the culture.” – Makoto Fujimura

This article was published on Mar 3, 2022

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