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I am Sarah Kelly Ng, a young designer and artist who recently graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts. I am 24 years old this year and my work explores new perspectives in tackling environmental issues caused by the fashion system. My practice involves technology, textile design, and collaborations with other design fields to raise awareness on the topic of creative sustainability.




My graduation project, “Disposable Fashion,” features a series of bio-textiles that biodegrade quickly. The bio-textiles uses agar, alginate, or starch as the base ingredient. The time for the bio-textiles to decompose ranges from two weeks to three months, depending on the thickness. There are no additives in the bio-textiles, hence no chemical harm to the Earth. I hope to create an interactive space for others to learn more about bio-textiles.




“Posthumous” is a collaboration with Fashion Media & Industries students. The concept is to breathe a second life into textile waste, specifically end-of-roll upholstery textiles. We emphasized the flaws of the fabric with eyelets and embroidered insects. The silhouettes were also three-dimensional and curvy to create the notion of life. The message is to show consumers that textile waste has value in them. This project also sparked my interest and journey in sustainability!




“Dystopia” is a project that investigates noises in urban cities. I designed a jacket with an LED “CHAOS” pocket, which lights up when it detects noise at a certain level. It was to show how people living in urban cities have become desensitized to noise. The jacket lining also features objects that create noises in a dystopian style. It was an exciting process to incorporate technology into fashion!




We cannot create awareness of sustainability based on facts alone. My background in art has allowed me to create designs that approach the topic of sustainability creatively and interactively. My design uses objects that are ironic or intriguing. I hope to inspire others to use their creative skills and imbue impactful messages in their designs.

This article was published on Feb 25, 2022

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