Photo credit: FORESTS


Hi! We are Forests, a three-piece band formed in mid-2014. Our team is made of: Darell, Niki and Daniel, and we are 34, 30 and 27 years old respectively!

Our music has been described as a blend of 90’s-influenced emo with math pop. We play sad music for happy people.

We’re a simple band with simple goals – we just like to play and write our own music, and if people like it then that’s very cool. We’ve been on tours to places like Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan!


At the core of it, we just want to be proud of everything that we worked for and released. At the moment, we are in the midst of recording for our 3rd album, and we are hoping to release it within the first half of 2022. Woohoo.

Being in a band is not easy and takes a lot of time, commitment, and money, but it’s really fun if you enjoy it. Sometimes the end goal is not like what you expect – but that’s okay. Just enjoy the process.

This article was published on Jan 31, 2022

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