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Hello! Edwin here – a body transformation coach empowering “skinny-fat” professionals with evidence-based methods to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously. I’m also an American Council On Exercise (ACE) certified personal fitness trainer.

I always was a “skinny-fat” individual myself, with low levels of muscle mass and a high percentage of body fat surrounding my abdominal region despite being in a healthy body weight range.

Through extensive research and education, with plenty of trial and error, I managed to develop an evidence-based method to gain muscle and lose fat while simultaneously getting leaner and stronger – all in one process!

I seek to give back to the community by empowering and equipping “skinny-fat” professionals with the necessary knowledge and skillsets needed to achieve and maintain their ideal physique. Clients can expect a personalised fitness training program complemented with nutrition strategies to achieve a sustainable body transformation.


I also analyse my clients’ body composition by eliminating as much as possible the guesswork of determining what their weight fluctuations mean, be it muscle gain, fat loss or anything in between. It’s all about empowerment in this holistic approach to fitness!

I am constantly driven by the extraordinary sense of fulfilment I feel whenever I help someone achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. Seeing my clients use their accomplishments to inspire others to do the same for themselves is what gives me the motivation to continue doing what I am passionate about.

I hope to be the best at what I do and to help many more individuals improve their quality of life through health and fitness.

This article was published on Jan 29, 2022

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