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I’m Erik Cheong, and I’m 33 this year! I am the co-founder of Park N Parcel, one of Singapore’s fastest-growing logistics networks. We specialize in last-mile e-Commerce fulfilment and offer customized delivery solutions to various businesses, with a fully IT-enabled and integration support network.

Park N Parcel is now one of the main service providers for Alibaba Cainiao. We also service multiple e-commerce brands, such as Samsung and Dyson, and government agencies such as the Health Promotion Board.



One of the most exciting days every year for us will be the 12.12 Global Online Sale. We’ve spent the last six years delivering happiness to each home, one parcel at a time. Through the years, we’ve built a great team and a fleet of highly efficient drivers to support our yearly record-breaking parcel volume fulfilment. It’s been a long and tough journey for us, but it’s memorable and we love the sense of accomplishment.



My best startup advice and success tips to all entrepreneurs out there is, “Build a great team”. As a team, we can leverage each person’s individual strengths and have them complement our weaknesses. Without each supportive founder and my team, Park N Parcel will not be where it is today. I am blessed and grateful to have found them and formed the winning formula in the logistics industry.



We will continue to seek growth through innovation in the turbulent situation of the pandemic. In 2021 alone, we saw a massive surge of 5,000% in parcel volume by delivering more than 8,000 parcels per day, which included distributing more than 50,000 COVID-19 (ART) test kits.

With an eye on optimising supply chains across Southeast Asia, we strive to improve and enhance every consumer online shopping experience through tech-based solutions with quality service.

This article was published on Jan 28, 2022

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