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Rashi Tulshyan, 31, is the founder of Home Philosophy, an interior design studio that hopes to bridge the gap in the market for designer homes at a reasonable price without long lead times. Focusing on interior styling, Rashi has single-handedly built a diverse client base of locals and expats, as well as real estate developers – a testament to the immense value of having a well-designed space.

Rashi enjoys giving back to her community, most recently via a charity masterclass focusing on wellness at home. She is also involved in the Sinda Youth Club and other mentorship programmes for young women. She shares some lessons she has learned throughout her journey.

Be nimble and flexible

Don’t fixate on a single idea or path – the journey is always unpredictable. We live in a digital time where everything is well-packaged and presented to us in its completed form. I have learnt that we need to constantly iterate, which is why having flexibility is key.

Focus internally, not on what others say

It’s easy to constantly look outside for validation. As an entrepreneur, the strongest voice must be your own, so I often ask myself what I think first.

Be solution-driven

We will constantly find ourselves in sticky situations, and our first reaction might be to focus on the problem. Instead, focus on the solution – list out what can be done, what is realistic, and take baby steps in that direction. Like they say – when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Don't feel forced to be an extrovert (or introvert!)

Early on in my journey, I recognised that I was more comfortable being an introvert, but felt pressured to always be sociable especially when starting my business. I learnt that being an introvert does not have to be a weakness and used that to my advantage to connect with extroverts who could help spread my mission.

Recharging is key

While we are always on the go, recharging and taking time to let your creative juices flow is as important as being part of the constant hustle. Find things that really make you feel relaxed – you’d be surprised, sometimes just staring into space frees your mind!

You are not in a competition

I love reminding those around me, especially the younger folks I’ve met through volunteering, that life isn’t a checklist. What would you like to say to your younger self? Let that voice guide you.

Take a pause when you need to

This pause can be for a minute, a day, a week, or even months. There is no right or wrong on how long your pause should be. Whenever I paused and checked in with myself, I was able to make clearer decisions.

Avoid decision fatigue

The time we live in has us constantly battling with decisions and options. Pick one and run with it – don’t let the voice of doubt sink in and cause you to go back and forth.

Set milestones

I love writing these down, and instead of huge yearly goals, I break them into bite-sized goals of what I want to achieve every month. Sometimes it’s as small as spending an extra hour to do a puzzle. The key is to remind yourself to keep moving forward.

Don't be afraid to fail

When I first started my business, my biggest motivation was the fear of failure and sadly, this can work against me by filling my mind with doubt. When I dug deep and asked myself what failure would actually look like to me – I found the motivation I needed. Try it!

This article was published on Jan 6, 2022

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