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I’m Boston Ho and I’m 34 years old this year! I’m a creative at Tribal Worldwide Singapore. At the agency this year, I had the opportunity to co-launch Campfire, a youth launchpad created in partnership with the National Youth Council and *SCAPE.

Campfire is an exciting programme that welcomes all youth in Singapore. Through the weeks that the programme runs, participants gain real-world experience through TED-like talks by leaders from different industries, and a group challenge that culminates in a client pitch.

What got me excited about Campfire was its purpose – to guide and empower its participants to take that next step in life. It was an opportunity for me to give back, as I’ve always been a strong believer in mentorship.




Through my years in the industry, I’ve realised how much of an influence my mentors had on my growth at work and in life. And while mentorship is often thought of as an offer to be a mentee, I learnt that it sometimes starts with recognising the opportunity – the extended hand to guide you.

Push aside your fears and doubts, ready an open mind to learn, and reach out – just like the youth participants from our two batches of Campfire this year! Their enthusiasm, dedication and fearlessness of failure have been so inspiring to me and my Campfire team.

Although I take on the “mentor” role in the programme, I continue to learn from the many industry leaders, also known as Campfire Braintrust Advisors, whom we invite to give talks and interact with the participants. We all came out stronger at the end!

Finding the perfect mentor for you starts with identifying the opportunity, taking the first step, and going all in, so keep an eye out! Your next mentor might be just around the corner.

This article was published on Dec 20, 2021

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