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I’m Xavier Toh, and I will be turning 26 this year. I am a full-time student at NUS and a start-up enthusiast who co-founded Frontier Digital Asset Management, a blockchain start-up looking to disrupt and revolutionise finance. I firmly believe that people and businesses can do well by doing good, and have since started my own journey of inspiring and empowering others to explore the unknown.




I started Share2Enjoy, a social movement with a simple aim of sharing what one has an abundance of with others from the same community, fostering a spirit of sharing and giving shared resources a new life. It all began at the student gym in Nanyang Polytechnic, my alma mater, to provide sports equipment to students in need. Currently, this initiative is still going strong! I hope that it can one day be adopted by more organisations and schools so that more people can benefit from it




While I am not working or studying, you can spot me at the gym or on the mats wrestling! Sports have changed my life for the better, and I went from a mischievous teenager to a national athlete. Wrestling taught me important life values such as tenacity and grit, and these values applied even off the mats and made me the person I am today. I believe everyone has their own unique journey to embark on, and it is okay to take the road less travelled. Look at me, I was from the Normal Technical stream, went on to ITE before enrolling in a polytechnic, and I still made it to a local university. I took the road less travelled, and that has made all the difference.



This article was published on Dec 7, 2021

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