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Krystal Lim is a young woman in tech and advocates strongly for empowering women in breaking traditional boundaries. She is the Co-chair of the Singapore Committee in 100 Women in Finance (100WF) and is nominated in the SCS SG Girl in Tech 2021. Today, she shares some lessons she’s learned throughout her journey.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

I loved learning about innovative solutions about finance, so I decided to take the first step to understand and learn more about this subject matter. Taking the first step was not easy but I don’t regret it at all. If you are passionate about something, don’t be afraid to take the first step as it may open up doors you would never have expected.

Have a good support system

The journey to achieving any goal is never easy, and there will always be struggles and storms to tide through. That is why having a good network and circle of friends is especially important when you need a shoulder to lean on. My friends and family have been huge supporters of my work and they help motivate me whenever I am down.

Constantly learn new things

Reach out, discover, learn. Find a community, a non-profit organisation, a support group, or a mentor you feel chemistry with and want to learn from. Keep doing that. Trust me, every experience, no matter how similar, will be different.

I am grateful to have met so many amazing women throughout my journey. I am glad to not only be able to work with these laudable ladies professionally but also work towards the 30/40 vision goal together for more Women in Finance.

It’s never too late to start

If you have genuine interest and passion, it is never too late to start. Everyone’s journey is different, there is no set timeline for you to achieve your goals. Don’t let others bring you down, believe in yourself!

This article was published on Nov 23, 2021

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