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Ng Teck Hwee started Purpleflakez, a Web development business, which co-sponsored a charity event, Silver Screening 2-For-1, annually from 2017 to 2019. The movie screenings brought together volunteers and more than 2,300 seniors for a time of enjoyment!

He is also a website developer who has helped numerous businesses and non-profit organisations with website creation and development. Passionate about web-related technology, he is always seeking to improve himself in the area. Today, he shares some lessons he has learnt:

Have a big heart

Having a big heart allows you to look past smaller problems and keeps you focused on the direction you are heading in. Being able to forgive and forget helps in not losing sight of what’s most important – the goal of helping others. Regularly remind yourself about your goal when things go wrong and you feel upset or hurt.

Allow yourself to be pushed

Accepting the advice of others may push you forward and move you faster than you ever thought you could go. There are many instances where others may know you better than you know yourself. Being pushed by others to take steps forward could be way easier than mustering up your own courage to get things going.

Lower your expectations of others

Adopt a mindset of not expecting reciprocity when helping others. When you embrace this mindset, every act of kindness returned becomes a bonus, and you will be more appreciative of others in life. It is easier to move forward without this expectation, as it reduces room  for disappointment and encourages personal growth.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Understand that everyone possesses different strengths, and asking for help from others could get things done in a more efficient way. If you are the type of person who has the habit of taking on tasks as you feel embarrassed to ask for help, remember that asking for help can also be a way to gain connections and friendships.

Self-awareness is key

Being observant of people and situations is especially useful in networking sessions, where it’s all about first impressions. Having good situational awareness allows you to know what to say at the right time to the right person.

Work-life balance

Be disciplined in keeping a good work-life balance. While it may be important to build your career in your younger years, it is also equally as important to allocate enough time for your friends and family. Many are so focused on their career that they are blinded to how fast their parents age.

Don’t stress, count your blessings

There will always be more and more commitments as we age, and there will be all sorts of adversities to come your way. Always remind yourself not to be stressed and instead count your blessings to appreciate the things you have around you, so that when you will not live a life full of regrets.

Don't be calculative

Although nobody wants to be taken advantage of, it’s good not to be calculative with those who need help. I have received so much in return when it’s my turn to ask for help!

Be relevant and valuable to others

Knowledge and experience are some of the key ways we can be of value to others. As a website developer, I have acquired good technical skills through years of study. Through the projects and clients that I handled, I have also learnt useful non-technical skills, such as different industry outlooks and human management.

Service to humanity is the best kind of work

Serving others and bringing a smile to their faces leaves you feeling fulfilled and confident. Not everyone is as fortunate as you or me. Having this attitude of service allows you to be helpful to those around you and to society.

This article was published on Nov 19, 2021

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