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Yik Keat, or YK for short, is a 25-year-old photographer based in Singapore. In his work, he mainly shoots everyday life with the goal of making it visually aesthetic and memorable. He also creates educational content on TikTok and Instagram, teaching people tips and tricks on how to become better photographers. Today, he shares some of the values that he has picked up on his journey thus far.

Be flexible

I think that this is one of the hardest challenges for me since I am a very logical person. I tend to be a perfectionist in every little thing I do. Only through time have I realised that sometimes less is more and beauty comes in the process of adaptation – a perspective even more important in this time of pandemic!

Empower people who want to learn

This is a value that I hold dearly to my heart. I really believe in equipping the next generation with knowledge so that they can rise up, become better and quicker.

Set baby steps in between it all

When you first enter an industry, it’s easy to see only the greatest highs and the greatest lows. In fact, progress, as well as everything in the middle, is what I believe to be the most important. Focus on setting small goals and aim for small achievements because this will be a long haul marathon. There’s no point sprinting and burning out at the start.

Mental health matters

Surround yourself with friends whom you can talk about anything with, with no judgement or shame. Establish a deep connection and let them know when you’re struggling. I did not have these kinds of friends in the past, but now that I have newfound friends whom I trust, I feel like I have the capacity to stride further.

Observation is an art

Be more sensitive to your surroundings. For me, it’s about connecting with real life and capturing its beauty in visual form. When you observe more, you also develop a higher level of self-awareness.

Have faith

In the past, I focused a lot on myself. Even when I faced difficulties, everything was self-centred and I focused on solving my own problems. It resulted in a very narrow perspective on life. I encourage everyone to trust the process and have faith when things feel out of your control.

This article was published on Nov 3, 2021

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