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Remus Er, 17, is a local entrepreneur who works with sneakers. Growing up, he constantly read about different founders’ biographies and success stories, inspiring him to start his own business at age 15. During his free time, he loves to explore cafes and hunt for the next sweet dessert. To him, being an entrepreneur means being someone who wants to make a difference to other people’s lives with the work they do. He shares 10 lessons that he has learnt on his entrepreneurial journey:

1. Maturity is a powerful thing in the industry

Be quick to listen, slow to talk. This will help you understand things better and assess the situation. It helps me to get better deals with sellers and ensures that both the seller and I can make a good profit.

2. Consistency is the key to achieving your dream

Some work done is better than no work done. Working every day on a small part of your dream means one step closer to achieving it.

3. Persevere and continue to push through the challenges that lie ahead

Automating my business took me a long time to grasp, but now it helps me to ensure smooth daily operations and deal with problems once faced.

4. Stay humble and don't forget your roots

Don’t be blinded by your success and achievements and instead remember why you started the journey. Treat everyone around you as equals.

5. Take a leap of faith

Don’t think too much about what the outcome will be. When you have a vision in mind, work to achieve it and don’t look back.

6. Treasure everything you have

Life is short, anything can happen at any time. Appreciate and enjoy the moments you have – you never know when it will be your last.

7. Regret can teach important lessons

There are times that I should have done things differently to achieve a better outcome. I had to face the consequences of my decision, and though I would change it if I could turn back the clock, it still serves as a reminder of my mistakes.

8. Give back to those who need it most

When you reach a certain level in life and you have enough for day-to-day living, share what you have with those around you, especially those who need it.

9. Be willing to learn

This attitude has brought me to where I am today. With the constant changes in the world, it is important that you are willing to learn from others. It will make you a better person.

10. Treat everyone equally

No matter how successful you become, if you cannot treat everyone equally, be it the CEO of a company or your hawker center cleaner, it will prove that you are selective. That attitude will not bring you far in life.

This article was published on Sep 7, 2021

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