This letter was written during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 as part of Dear Covid-19. Though some of the events and details in this letter may have changed since then, we hope to remember those in our community who stepped up when it mattered most. Continue to keep up with them on their social page @mingsprawnnoodle.

Dear COVID-19,

Life is not the same with you around. We didn’t expect you nor did we foresee this coming. Everyone has had to adapt to a new normal because of you.

As business owners, so much has changed. We have been looking forward to something bigger this year for Ming’s Prawn Noodle – we reach our fourth year mark. Being a small establishment in the current economic climate, we have to be a lot more conservative in our decision making.

On the ground, we adopted e-payment one and a half years ago and the uptake was slow. But with you around, everyone is trying or at least, have been more conscientious in going cashless to reduce physical contact and for hygiene reasons. We’ve also had to ramp up our e-commerce presence with delivery apps and social media offerings as part of our business model.

What used to be a crowded and bustling hawker centre has now become a dead town at peak hours. The human traffic at the hawker centre reduced significantly and our customers prefer to get takeaway breakfast or lunch and dine at home instead.

On the flip side of things, there is much to be thankful for and as  Singaporeans, we are heartened to witness some beautiful moments. People have become a lot more considerate towards their surroundings and are abiding by the strict safety measures put in place by being responsible for their own hygiene and practising social distancing while queuing.

We have customers from all walks of life, from taxi drivers and front-line health care personnel to retirees and many more. They all have different stories to tell and it’s interesting to hear about their experiences in the short span of time at our stall – how we all have had to change because of COVID-19 and live life differently.

Home is where the heart is and we are proud to call Singapore our home. The “kampong spirit” and support system is strong during this period and we hope this is something that will never change.

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