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Audris Quek is a fashion entrepreneur who advocates for responsible fashion and mindful consumerism. She founded Paradigm Shift Label in 2018, a responsible fashion label for the modern and modest minimalist. She shares some lessons she’s learnt founding her business.

Define your own success

Don’t fall into the trap of unhealthy competition. We were all born unique to do great things! It’s a scary thing when you allow others to define success for you, trapping you in a rat race. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard at a start-up conference was this: “Define your own success.”

This sets you out on a path to achieve what you want. In other words, determine your vision and find your purpose.

Respect everyone you meet

The world today may say that mutual respect is basic, but in the real world, some people have no concept of respect. I have learnt to treat everyone I meet with respect. The way we treat others says more about us than them. Besides, you never know who you’re really meeting – they may be of significant help to your journey! Your next investor, your next team player… you never know!

One of the quotes I live by is: “People won’t remember what you said, And people won’t remember what you do. People will only remember how you made them feel.”

Be bold and courageous

Your first step taken towards your dreams is the one you won’t regret. If all else fails, at least you can look back and say that you tried. We don’t lack passion and zeal in our day and age, we lack boldness and courage. That’s the essence of people who make things happen.

The ability to step out and to be different. None of us were meant to fit in, anyway! Be bold and courageous to take steps, big and small. If you never try, you’ll never know.

No pain, no glory

Entrepreneurship is tough, period. Successful people don’t have it easy. Somewhere along the way, sacrifices will have to be made. I have concluded: No pain, no glory. It’s not just about working smart, it also is about working hard!

“The dream is free” is only half the story, the other half is: “The hustle is sold separately”. Entrepreneurs should also learn to take our losses as lessons. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Build tenacity

Driven individuals are full of ideas, energy and motivation. All of our gifts and talents can only get us to a certain place if we never learn to work on our character and build our tenacity.

If entrepreneurship has to be summed up in two words, for me, they will be “grit” and “grace”. It is easy to start things, but think about longevity and sustainability. It isn’t how well we start, but how well we finish. For that, you are going to need tenacity!

Always remember the days of humble beginnings

Pride comes before a fall. When we put our ego down and remember where we have come from, it keeps us humble and grateful. May the days of humble beginnings ground you when things are taking off.

This article was published on Sep 3, 2021

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