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Calista Tan, 22, is the sole founder of Get Bare Co, a women’s undergarment brand that aims to empower women and show them that looking amazing does not necessarily mean being uncomfortable. The mission is to give women of all shapes and skin colours the freedom to dress however they wish without having to sacrifice comfort. She is also a student at the University at Buffalo – Bachelors of Arts in Psychology program.

She shares what a typical day running an inclusive brand looks like.


My alarm goes off. My dog, Tako, gets excited and rushes over to me to wake me up and we spend the first 10 minutes of my time awake just cuddling. A good start for the productive and life-giving day ahead.


Since I’m not a morning person, I tend to allocate tasks that require less thinking and mental energy as my first to-do’s. On most days, that would be starting out packing orders from the day before for Get Bare Co, a business I had started, selling comfortable undergarments for women to feel great in whatever clothing they may wear. This of course can’t be done without my morning jams. R&B or neo soul would definitely be on the playlist.


On to my favorite part of the morning – coffee! After I get my caffeine fix, I run through the agenda set for the day and sort out all things email related. These can be emails from my clients, business partners and/or manufacturers.


I am finally out the door and running to my Grab car waiting for me with half-worn shoes. I run the social media account of Get Bare. And that often means that while I’m Grabbing, I’m uploading content planned for the day during my travel to class.

I also spend this time engaging with our audience on social media and responding to any comments or direct messages from the community of women that have been blessed by our products. We usually receive positive feedback about the product, “wore it to my graduation day and it was so comfortable!” or comments about certain content that speak to them.

Occasionally, we do also get a few negative DMs from angry customers who might have imagined our products to be different. Though these comments can be discouraging and dispiriting, one of my biggest takeaways from running Get Bare was learning to not sweat the small details!


A break from work to get in some learning. Class time!


Having to juggle work, school and friends is not always the easiest. But food is always a good reason to socialise. Time to catch up with my friends!


On my way home, I browse through social media to stay on top of the latest news and trends. This helps me better understand the needs of the community of women I serve as I continue to work towards improving the brand as a whole. This may take the form of revising the product design or even packaging as well as sieving out important topics or issues we wish to spread awareness on.


Calista editing photos. PHOTO CREDIT: CALISTA TAN


Oftentimes, we share our raw thoughts about these topics on Get Bare’s Instagram to connect with the community. We are always keen to start conversations and hold space for all women to share their daily stories and journeys, stories that are candid and real.


This time of the day is usually spent curating and designing new content materials for my brand. I work very closely with a good friend of mine, Lucia, on Get Bare Co’s social media and marketing direction.

Currently, we are on a lookout for like-minded local brands for collaboration opportunities. We love the idea of brand collaboration, even more so when we get to work with local brands with the similar vision of empowering women and advocating for all things women.

Some exciting upcoming news for the brand – we are also working on a potential partnership with one of Southeast Asia’s largest circular fashion platforms, as well as planning for a restock on our best-selling shades.


Get Bare Co. products. PHOTO CREDIT: CALISTA TAN


As I wait for my dinner to arrive, I’ll prepare dinner for Tako. The pampered furkid gets steamed pork and white fish with veggies. After dinner, I’ll take him out for his daily walk. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to catch the sunset together! It’s a good time to rest and also to be inspired by the scenery around me.


My final task: Consolidate all new orders of the day and arrange for courier service for tomorrow, so that our women get their products on time. After which, I briefly jot down a quick overview plan on how my day would look like the next day, since my schedule can look quite different throughout the week. Finally, I get to my nighttime routine – shower, skincare and all that jazz.


Preparing for a product shoot. PHOTO CREDITS: CALISTA TAN


The last of my wind-down routine would be me indulging in my current read (Today, it’s Love’s Executioner by Irvin D. Yalom). Then, it’s bedtime for me.

This article was published on Aug 7, 2021

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