IKEA Singapore confirms it is pronounced ‘EE-KAY-UH’

It was never “AI-KAY-AH”, or “EE-KIA”.

Nur Sabrina

Needs her space organised and clean 24/7.

Published: 19 October 2021, 1:02 PM

The long-debated question about how IKEA is pronounced is finally over. 

It is pronounced as “EE-KAY-UH”, and not “AI-KAY-AH” or “EE-KIA”, as Singaporeans commonly mispronounce.

IKEA Singapore posted the clarification on Monday (Oct 18) on its Instagram page as part of a series of fun facts to celebrate the Tampines store’s 15th anniversary.

The celebration also sees IKEA outlets islandwide having a mega sale from Oct 21 to Oct 24. Customers can enjoy up to 50 per cent discounts on certain products.

It’s time to end our little squabbles about its name and have a great day together filled with treats and activities at EE-KAY-UH.

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