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IKEA releases a limited edition menu for Chinese New Year

There’s mala pork ribs, chili crab sauce and even festive doughnuts.

Alicia Ang

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Published: 10 January 2022, 12:30 PM

IKEA’s Chinese New Year menu has just been launched, and it looks delicious. 

The limited edition menu has 14 items, ranging from full meals to snacks that can be eaten on the go, and blend IKEA’s regular menu with Chinese New Year staples. 

There’s the plant ball with mala spaghetti for $8, mala pork ribs with dumplings and golden fried rice for $13.80, eight treasures lotus leaf rice (better known here as lor mai gai) for $8 and of course, six piece mala chicken wings for $10. These main courses will all be available until Feb 28.

Four more limited edition main courses will be available only at IKEA Jurong. These are the salmon with chili crab sauce and mantou ($5.80), the curry chicken and bread for $5,80, fried fish fillet with crispy noodles for $5.80 and their CNY platter set for $28.80, which has mala pork ribs, half a spring chicken, meatballs and dumplings. These will be released at different times, so you can check IKEA’s website for more details. 

There are also new snacks to check out. The Swedish Bistro is offering four festively-designed doughnuts ($7.80), and a new Hotdog Bolognese ($1.50). 


The doughnuts have Chinese New Year-themed designs on each of them. PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA SINGAPORE


Most notable of all the food is the little tiger bun. After their little shark buns went viral in 2021, it seems IKEA is trying to recreate the magic with this little kaya-filled tiger bun. 


Each bun is two dollars, and looks just as adorable as its red bean-filled predecessor. PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA SINGAPORE


Lastly, there are some new items in the Swedish Food Market. There’s bak kwa, which will cost $23.80 for 500 grams. Then there’s cranberry pineapple balls, which are $8.80 for a box weighing 340 grams, and fresh mandarin oranges, which are $11.80 for a box of 24. 

The Chinese New Year menu will be available from January to February, with each item being available at different times. 

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