IKEA launches temporary secondhand showroom and rewards programme in partnership with Carousell

The collaboration aims to make a zero-waste lifestyle accessible to more people by encouraging secondhand purchases.

Nicki Chan

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Published: 22 April 2022, 2:08 PM

IKEA Singapore has partnered online marketplace Carousell to launch a temporary showroom featuring secondhand IKEA products owned by local influencers. 

As part of the partnership, a new online rewards programme that will benefit buyers and sellers making IKEA products’ transactions over Carousell has been launched, both organisations announced on Thursday (Apr 21).

The partnership is part of their celebration efforts for Earth Day 2022. It was borne out of both IKEA and Carousell’s shared mission to encourage sustainability and contribute to a circular economy. 

It serves to incentivise customers to buy and sell secondhand and aims to make a zero-waste lifestyle accessible to more people. 

The Secondhand Showroom displays a collection of pre-loved items from local influencers Nathan Hartono, Tiong Jia En, Mathilda Huang, Munah Bagharib and Carousell co-founder Marcus Tan. 

The items’ backstories and what they meant to their owners are also featured at the Secondhand Showroom. The showroom is located at the level two entrance of IKEA Tampines from now until Jun 30. 

The influencers’ items have also been listed under a special account created by Carousell. A giveaway has been launched to allow Carousell users a chance to win the items listed by commenting on their respective listings with why they want the item. 

Items include Nathan Hartono’s sports shoes, Mathilda Huang’s preloved clothes, Denise Teo’s ukulele and Munah Bagharib’s IKEA carpet.


Another preloved item featured is Nathan Hartono’s RÅSKOG trolley, which he used to organise himself during the COVID-19 pandemic. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NICKI CHAN


The Start Small, Start Here rewards programme allows Carousell buyers and sellers to benefit from making transactions over IKEA products from now until Jun 30.

Buyers will receive a Carousell Protection voucher worth $5 and sellers will receive 500 IKEA Family membership points (also worth $5). This applies to any transaction of secondhand IKEA items on the Carousell platform, for up to three successful transactions. 

Carousell’s vision is to make secondhand items the first choice for more consumers, said co-founder Marcus Tan. Since its creation 10 years ago, it has aimed to encourage circularity and address overconsumption in the economy. 

“We hope that the partnership, along with the passionate voices in the community who are part of our secondhand showroom, inspire more to take small steps to consume sustainably,” he said. 

IKEA also announced that 50 per cent of its main meals at all outlets will be plant-based by 2025, and 80 per cent will not contain red meat. More plant-based dishes will be rolled out, but IKEA’s popular dishes like the Swedish meatballs will remain on the menu.

To kickstart the initiative, IKEA will roll out meat-free gyozas in all IKEA restaurants for a limited time from May 15 to 20. Other plant-based options like nuggets and curry puffs will be available on the menu in time to come. 

The movement to encourage plant-based dining is in line with IKEA’s goals to further reduce its carbon footprint, as plant-based food requires less water and resources to make.


IKEA will soon have a much wider range of plant-based menu items to choose from. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NICKI CHAN


Finally, IKEA will introduce VÅRDANDE, a new sustainable collection made in partnership with Asian social enterprises, in the third quarter of 2022. The collection includes plant pots, storage baskets, candle holders and bowls made by the social partners and inspired by Asian traditions. 


The VÅRDANDE plant pots and storage baskets are made by social enterprise Classical Handmade Products in Bangladesh, which is committed to creating jobs for women in nearby villages. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NICKI CHAN


IKEA is committed to eliminating waste and ensuring the continual use of resources, and will therefore continue to ensure that circularity is convenient and accessible in people’s lives, said IKEA’s Country Sales Manager Tariq Oumarkatar. 

“We believe that sustainability habits can begin from home, and even a little step can make a big difference,” he said.

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