Idea to repurpose Old Changi Hospital into hilltop observatory wins SLA contest

The Charming Changi Ideas Competition aims to make Changi more inclusive.

Charlotte Chang

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Published: 5 November 2021, 11:21 AM

An idea to repurpose Old Changi Hospital into an observatory has won the Charmingly Changi Ideas Competition organised by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to make Changi more inclusive with creative enhancements from the public.

More known for its creepy history of housing military personnel and Prisoners of War during WWII, Old Changi Hospital has also been known as a vantage point on top of a hill, hence its association with the sky and the winning proposal being named “Ascending to the Sky”.

By turning the abandoned building into an observatory, the team behind the proposal hopes to create a family-friendly learning experience involving aviation, nature and stargazing.

The Charmingly Changi Ideas Competition consisted of two categories, one being a Concept Master Plan for Changi Point, and the other being the Repurposing of Old Changi Hospital, which “Ascending to the Sky” won.

Under the Master Plan for Changi Point, the proposal “Nature and Nurturing” won first place for highlighting the rich environment at Changi Point while addressing the complexities of the site and suggesting apt and inspiring ideas that worked well with the place. 

The proposals with feasible ideas and concepts may be added into the planning for the future plans of Old Changi Hospital and Changi Point.

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