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Iconic Singapore films and TV shows will be streamed on Netflix this National Day

You can now binge watch local favourites like Ah Boys To Men, Phua Chu Kang and more!

Winny Wint Htae

Published: 27 July 2020, 6:26 PM

In the lead up to this year’s National Day, 106 Singapore films and TV shows will be launched progressively on Netflix from Aug 1.

This is made possible thanks to partnerships between local studios, such as Clover Films and MM2 Entertainment, and the streaming service platform.

If you can’t decide what to watch from the whopping list of 106 titles, fret not! We have shortlisted seven films and shows to take you on a trip down memory lane.

1. Relive your National Service memories with Ah Boys To Men II


Since its first release in 2012, there have been three films in the widely-popular Ah Boys To Men series. PHOTO CREDIT: JTV


Produced and directed by Jack Neo, the Ah Boys To Men series is one of the most iconic Singaporean films of all time.

The comedy film features NSF recruit Ken Chow, played by Joshua Tan, whose newfound attitude and dedication causes a rift with other soldiers when he resumes his mandatory service in the army.

Ah Boys To Men II will be available from Aug 1.

2. For the scaredy-cats: The Ghost Must Be Crazy


The comedy horror film is perfect for those who can’t handle the usual horror films. PHOTO CREDIT: MM2 ENTERTAINMENT


If you’re like me and can’t handle anything with horror, try watching The Ghost Must Be Crazy. The comedy horror film, directed by Mark Lee and Boris Boo, is split into two stories.

The first story is about taking a day off in the army and the other is about a ghost bride’s marriage. The film is more humorous than horror, besides the usual jumpscares and special effects make-up.

The Ghost Must Be Crazy will be available from Aug 1.

3. Have a movie night with tearjerker Ilo Ilo


The film has won many prestigious awards, including the Golden Horse Awards. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/@ILO ILO


Award-winning Singaporean film Ilo Ilo, directed by Anthony Chen, is about the relationship between Teresa, a maid who left the Philippines to work in Singapore, and a spoiled boy from the family she works for.

The film features an international cast, including Singaporean actor Chia Tian Wen and Filipino actress Angeli Bayani. It is also the first Singaporean feature film to win an award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.

Ilo Ilo will be available from Aug 1.

4. Follow the journey of a female wrestler in Banting


Banting is a story about a young woman who fights to chase after her passion. PHOTO CREDIT: MEWATCH


Banting (slam in Malay) is a feel-good film about Yasmin, a tudung-wearing young woman who discovers her passion for wrestling after taking lessons secretly. However, she has to face many obstacles to keep her dream going when her secret is threatened to be revealed.

Directed by Raihan Halim, the film features Izyan Mellyna Ishak, Adlina Adil, Mastura Ahmad and others.

Banting will be available from Aug 1.

5. Watch a journey of self-discovery in Taxi! Taxi!


The film focuses on the relationships between See Kiat, Ah Tau and their families. PHOTO CREDIT: PINTEREST/@MEI YAN CHOW


Another classic piece produced and directed by Jack Neo, Taxi! Taxi! is a comedy film about PhD microbiologist professor Chua See Kiat, played by Gurmit Singh, who becomes a taxi driver after losing his job.

He keeps his new profession a secret from his family as he is ashamed.

After facing obstacles with his taxi driver friend Ah Tau, played by Mark Lee, See Kiat finally discovers who he is as a person.

Taxi! Taxi! will be available from Aug 1. 

6. Rewatch childhood sitcoms with Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd


Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd features Singlish humour that had all of us hooked during our childhood. PHOTO CREDIT: MEWATCH

Who doesn’t remember the iconic Phua Chu Kang character with his yellow boots?

The sitcom centred around the eccentric contractor Phua Chu Kang, played by Gurmit Singh, and his family. First aired in 1997, Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd won the “Best Comedy Programme” for six consecutive years at the Asian Television Awards.

The Best Of Phua Chu Kang will be available from Aug 8.

7. Rewatch nostalgic memes with The Noose


The Noose cast played many characters, a notable feature of the show. PHOTO CREDIT: MEWATCH


The Noose was one of the most popular shows during my secondary school years. Many clips from the show went viral for its characters, such as Chua En Lai’s B. B. See and Pornsak Sukhumvit.

The Best Of The Noose will feature some of the show’s best episodes, so get ready to meet your favourite fictional news anchors again!

The Best Of The Noose will be available from Aug 30. 

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